Anaarkali of Aarah Trailer launched starring Swara Bhaskar as a Singer

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Anaarkali of Aarah is the latest talk of the town starring our favourite Swara Bhaskar as a folk singer in it who is seen fighting for justice and dignity in the newly launched trailer. No one can deny the fact that the Anaarkali of Aarah Trailer has raised the levels of expectations among all the folks. The trailer is a treat for the Swara Bhaskar fans who have always appreciated her extraordinary acting talent.

Anaarkali of Aarah Trailer launched starring Swara Bhaskar as a Singer

The trailer was launched at an event in Mumbai late Thursday. Swara Bhaskar also took to twitter to share the trailer of her upcoming film.



The film has been directed by the debutant director Avinash Das in which Swara Bhaskar will be seen playing a pivotal role. She will be seen as a folk singer in the film who is fighting for her dignity and justice.

Watch Anaarkali of Aarah Trailer here

The Anaarkali of Aarah Trailer portrays Swara Bhaskar as the ‘Diva of double meaning’ and the story of the film revolves around her. She belongs to Aarah, Bihar and works as a folk singer there. The trailer begins showing the joy ride of the singer who soon lands into trouble after she refuses to apologise to a renowned and powerful politician; instead she fights back for justice and for her dignity.

Swara Bhaskar is outstanding in the trailer. She is seen singing double meaning songs and talking with her beautiful eyes. In the end, she says, “Logon ko lagta hai hum gane wale hain to koio asaani se baja bhi dega. Lekin ab aisa nahi hoga,” that has left a powerful impact on us. Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra will also be seen in important roles in the film.

There have been film’s comparisons with Amitabh Bachchan-Taapsee Pannu-starrer Pink but the director clearly said that his film is different from Pink.

The film is slated to release on 24th of March and we find it hard waiting for it.



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