China-India relations: China hopes to build better relations with India in new year

Posted on by Ankita Sharma

China-India relations: China is hoping for a better tie with India in the new year 2017 as it wants to resolve differences over India’s admission into Elite nuclear Supplier’s Group and for getting JeM Head Masood Azhar listed as a terrorist by the United Nations.

“This year has seen a steady development of China-India relations, with the two countries marching towards the goal of building a more closely-knit partnership for development”, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

China-India relations- It is natural to have differences being ‘close neighbours’ says China

“The leadership of the two countries have maintained frequent contacts despite the tussle between the countries…As close neighbours, it is natural for our two big countries to have differences, and we have been exploring ways to resolve them through diplomatic channels. The main theme of China-India relations remains friendship and cooperation”, she added expressing hope that the two countries will be at a better footing the next year.

 It is expected that India will file a second application and a charge sheet through the National Investigation Agency against Azhar for his involvement in the Pathankot terror attack.

 China has expressed its willingness to adopt a managed approach for resolving the differences as it states that despite the differences the two countries have maintained frequent contact.

“For the year 2017, China would like to work with India for better implementation of important consensus reached between the leadership, greater political mutual trust, wider mutually beneficial cooperation and proper management of differences so as to ensure a sustained and steady development of China-India relations”.



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