Hazel Keech New Name: Daughter-in-law’s Name Change irks Yograj Singh!

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Hazel Keech New Name: Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech got married according to Sikh rituals near Chandigarh and there were reports that the Bollywood actress Hazel Keech changed her name for the first wedding ceremony which took place at the Dera of Baba Ram Singh.


And other reports were of Yograj Singh not attending the ceremony. Since yesterday, Yograj Singh was quiet on the matter but a news channel recently ran a news that he is responsible for changing his bahu Hazel’s name to Gurbasant Kaur and Yuvraj has put his foot down.

Hazel Keech New Name: Father slams Family Guru!

The only thing about Yograj’s  recent clarification that we can put in black and white is: “Ask the Baba whom these people (Mrs Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Zoravar Singh) follow, as to who wants to change Hazel’s name.”


“This is all this so-called self-styled Baba’s nonsensical talks. I believe in only one God,” added Yograj.

Yuvraj’s mother and our other family members had attended the wedding. I didn’t attend Yuvraj’s wedding because I don’t believe in this talk of Baba. Such talks can’t change the fortunes of people,” said Yograj.

For me, she (Yuvi’s wife) is Mrs Hazel Yuvaj Singh. I don’t take this suggestion if changing name seriously,” concluded Yograj.

The truth again there is that Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam did not want her ex-husband in the Shaadi. Yograj and Shabnam had parted on a very ugly note, and in Zoravar’s estranged wife Akanksha Sharma’s words, “Shabnam never liked it and when their two sons wanted to meet their father. She would make every plan of Zoravar to meet his dad, flop,”.




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