Swami Omji Shown the Way Out of the Bigg Boss 10 House. Here’s the Reason!

Posted on by Amandeep Singh

Oh My Goodness! What a goodwill happening is this. That’s what our reaction was when we heard this news. In a goodwill turn of events, Swami Omji, who entered the Bigg Boss house representing the common folk has reportedly been shown the exit door.

What did cause Swami Onji’s Emergency exit from the house?

Swami Omji Shown the Way Out of the Bigg Boss 10 House. Here's the Reason!

Despite not being nominated this week, Om Swami has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house. Like we predicted, there was a non-bailable warrant issued against Swamiji. For the uninitiated, the self-styled Godman was supposed to appear in a case being heard against him in the Delhi Court just a day before he set foot inside the Bigg Boss house.

But you know how the Baba behaves. The man, who claims he can walk on any damn thing, can rival Doctor Strange in his powers and can even stop a missile from destroying India and this is something which we are not making stuff up, but these are all his claims.

Swami Omji would have thought it was below his dignity to attend a court session, so gave it a miss. Since this is not the first time Bigg Boss 10‘s most entertaining and irritating contestant has done the vanishing act, the court issued a warrant against him, which led the Delhi Police to come to the sets of Salman Khan’s show last night and arrested him.

Swami Omji Shown the Way Out of the Bigg Boss 10 House. Here's the Reason!

Initially, warrants were issued two days prior to the launch of BB 10 but since nobody from his side appeared in Court, an NBW was issued later and he was asked to show up in court this December 3. His brother Pramodh Jha had filed a case on November 2008 accusing him of breaking into his brother’s bicycle shop in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony and stealing 11 bicycles, and various important documents.

Swami Omji is also accused in various other cases including the arms case.

History has it that Bigg Boss doesn’t risk such incidents and now, Swamiji has been asked to leave the house. We hear the Delhi police officials had also appeared to take some signature from him. But now, it seems like the end of road for Baba. Or will he be back again like previous ones?



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