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Tennis Player Sania Mirza summoned by Service Tax Department for non-payment of tax

Tennis Player Sania Mirza summoned: The service tax department was  issued a notice to renowned Tennis Player Sania Mirza in connection with alleged non-payment of service tax. A summon was issued by Principal Commissioner of service tax office to star player on February 6.  She has been asked to appear in person or through authorised agent on before February 16 in front of the department.

Tennis Player Sania Mirza summoned: This is what notice says

The notice says “Whereas an investigation against you about non-payment/evasion of Service Tax/contravention of provisions of Finance Act 1994 and Rules made there under is being inquired.

“I have reasons to believe you are in possession of facts or/and documents and things which are relevant to the inquiry.”

“You are hereby summoned under Central Excise Act, 1944 made applicable to service Tax matters under Finance Act, 1994 to appear before the Office in person or by an authorised agent on February 16 to give evidence truthfully on such matters concerning the enquiry as you may be asked to produce the documents and things,” said the summons, which does not specify the case in which she has been asked to appear.

If Sania fails to comply with notice or avoid to attend will be punished under several provision of IPC

If you fail to comply with this summons and intentionally avoid to attend or to give evidence and to produce the documents and things, without a lawful excuse, you will be liable to be punished under the relevant provisions of IPC, it said.


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