Virgo Images, Virgo Facts and Quotes, Whatsapp Statuses!!

Posted on by Noor Khangura

Virgo Images: Virgos are very quiet personalities and they are very analytical, observant, helpful, precise and particular about their things. They put their intelligence together and get their things done by hook or crook.

Virgo Images:Here are the best quotes about Virgos!!

  • Masters of puns, wordplay and really lengthy detailed rants dissecting people down to the most insignificant (but hilarious) details.
  • You call it criticizing, they call it telling you the damn truth.
  • Do not assume with Virgo,it’s better to be straight forward and direct.
  • A Virgo can go from wild and crazy to classy and down to earth, pretty quickly.
  • They don’t need any drama when they have enough headaches.
  • They are good at keeping people in line and giving them a reality check.
  • Virgo knows how to “go with the flow” to keep the peace but will always want things their way. Always.



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