Vladimir Putin Donald Trump decide for bettering relations in a telephonic conversation

Posted on by Ankita Sharma

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump: The multi-billionaire US President has already started working on crucial matters of the state shortly after gaining power. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin and newly elected US President Donald Trump had their first telephonic conversation in which they have decided to ease tensions between the two countries and step forward to better relations.

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin decide to better relations

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump agree on need for bettering relations

The two Presidents will be meeting soon to further discuss the pre-requisites for laying the foundation of better relations. Both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agreed on the need to correct the tensions prevailing between Russia and the US.

Putin had called in to congratulate the newly elected President and then both discussed the current state of the relationship between Russia and the US.

As per the talks, both will be initiating work to combat extremism and terrorism.

Russia and America have been tackling with their strained relationship for quite a while till now, as both have diverging views on the Syria issue. Since then, cordial relations have not existed between the two.

As of now, the two countries have decided to solve the state of crisis in Syria.



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