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5 Signs Your Cat is in Pain and here is how you can get rid of pain organically

Cats know how to disguise the pain. They are often said “masters of disguise” when it comes to hiding the pain.

Why do cats hide their pain?

Cats disguise their discomfort, as it is a survival instinct. If they will show that they are weak, then they are prone to fall prey to predators. In order to survive, they adapted a deep innate to hide their pain.

Cat will never cry in pain, for the fear that they might attract the attention of attacker. If your kitty is crying then condition is quite intense and serious

Signs that your cat is in pain

There are lot of signs that we can look for and find whether our cat is in pain. Following are the points to be looked for, on order to prevent your cat from suffering

  1. Bites and scratching :

When cats are in pain they tend to bite and scratch. This happens when someone tries to touch the painful area.

2. Breathing pattern :

They may pant and have faster breathing than normal. We might notice a change in the movement of abdominal muscles, which help in the breathing process. 

3. Increased heart /pulse rate :

Cat in pain have usually increased pulse rate, and this happens when that painful area is moved.

4. Purring :

If your cat is purring while showing some other signs, then might be the possibility that kitty is in pain. Rather the purring would increase considerably if cat is in pain.

5. Reduced appetite :

When cats are in pain, they often tend to eat or drink less.

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Top Ways to Get Rid of Pain Organically

Depending upon the condition, there are various ways to treat kitty’s pain and among those is CBD.

CBD oil makes your cat feel comfortable during pain and helps to lessen the uneasiness. These days’ pet owners daily give a dose of CBD in order to prevent cancer.

High quality CBD oils are available online.

CBD has therapeutic effects and helps in restoring the balance and promote homeostasis for pets.

CBD is completely non psychoactive and won’t ever make you pet high. Unlike THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana creates a sensation in mind. But CBD doesn’t.

In fact the CBD found in Pet supplements is derived from hemp , which a type of cannabis and it contains very low amount of THC.

Moving on to, how CBD helps to get rid of pain :

CBD mingles with body through Endocannabinoid system.

The ECS system is found in humans and cats as well, which helps in managing the biological process.  

The Benefits of CBD oil

The effects of CBD for cats are same as in humans.

CBD relieves pain :

CBD is a powerful painkiller which helps in relieving pain without intoxicating effects. It even helps in inflammation of joints which causes pain and illness. It not only relieves cat from pain and also soothes the inflammation.

Increases Appetite :

If your cat isn’t feeling hungry and has lost appetite, which may be due to nausea or something, then CBD boosts appetite. The way we humans need something to increase our appetite when we don’t feel like eating something, cats do need the same way.

Reduces anxiety :

Isn’t it irritating when you going through anxiety phase? The way the cat suffers at times. They get depressed and anxious and little change in their behavior. In those cases, CBD comes of great help. CBD helps by calming down the cat as it is a relaxing tonic.

Helps in all diseases:

We come across the majority of issues in cats are due to nausea, chronic pain, loss of appetite, change in behavior etc. CBD is a relaxing tonic that helps your cat relax.

CBD is a natural anticonvulsant :

CBD being naturally grown helps in controlling seizures, tremors, and spasms. It helps in reducing the frequency of seizures and in some cases gets rid of seizures.

CBD prevents vomiting:

CBD is antiemetic. It helps in controlling nausea and vomiting while boosting the appetite.
CBD prevents cancer/tumor :

Various studies show that CBD for cats helps in protecting them against cancer and tumors.

CBD promotes homeostasis :

CBD helps in maintaining equilibrium or internal stability to acclimatize with the environmental changes.


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