Does Marijuana have side effects?

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Medical marijuana is very common nowadays. It is also known as THC, CBN, and CBD. When cannabis is processed and the medicinal ingredients are consumed, it is known to help in the relief of pain in the body. There is still a lot of research being done to unravel more health benefits of this product. So, what are some of the uses for which people buy medical marijuana? I think this is a very important aspect of marijuana that we need to be aware of before we discuss some of the common side effects of this product. However, just like anything that has advantages, there are also disadvantages and marijuana also has a number of disadvantages. Therefore, before you contact your local Las Vegas Delivery Dispensary for your marijuana, it helps to know the side effects of the use of this product so that you can either use it in moderation or be able to counter such effects.

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Here are some side effects of the use of marijuana:

Even though many pot users believe that this substance has no side effects, it is important that they know that there is scientific evidence to support that there is indeed some side effects. We shall now discuss these effects.

Short term side effects

When one smokes marijuana, they will get affected almost immediately. The effects of smoking pot can last from one to three hours. However, when this product is consumed in foods such as cookies and brownies, the effects can take longer to be felt but will last much longer. Some of the short term effects are distorted reception, loss of coordination, increased heart rate as well as trouble in learning and even thinking. Users will also have a problem with memory and cannot solve simple problems.

Long term side effects

There are many long term effects that could affect the users after a prolonged period of use of this product. These are effects such as:

Effects on the Brain

The use of cannabis can affect the brain after one has had this product for a long time. These are side effects such as hallucinations, impaired memory and delusions and disorientation.

Effects on the heart

This is yet another part of the body that will be affected by the use of marijuana over a prolonged period of time. What happens is that when one smokes marijuana, their heart will beat more rapidly and this causes a drop in blood pressure as well. There is evidence that marijuana causes the heart rate to increase from 20 to 100%. Some research done in 2017 points to the fact marijuana users are four to five times more likely to suffer a heart attack when compared to those who do not use marijuana.

If affects the bones

Another research also published in 2017 shows that for the people who smoke marijuana in large amounts and on a regular basis, their bone density is reduced. This means that these people are highly likely to suffer bone fractures regularly. Heavy users of this product are also known to have low weight and a low BMI.



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