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How to Break Up With a Girlfriend Nicely

How to nicely break up with a girl? The most important thing about this is to understand if you really want to break up with this person. Imagine how boring it can be, and, most importantly, now you have to cook by yourself and do many other things. But if you already decided to say goodbye to a girl, then you need to do this as good as possible.

Ways to break up with someone nicely

  •         Don’t break up under the influence of emotions and in a fit of anger

This doesn’t help clarify the situation with a partner. The best solution is to calm down. Calmly weigh everything and think it over, and then invite a girl to neutral territory so that no one bothers you.

  •         Talk to a girl frankly, explain that your relationship has changed and it’s pointless to continue it

How to break up nicely? Don’t forget to emphasize her dignity. Try to explain to her that you are different people and it is better to break up in order not to reach the moment when irritation develops into hatred. Emphasize that the experience gained in this relationship will help her and she will find a boyfriend of her dreams. Thank for the moments of happiness that you experienced with her. The main thing is that the words should be sincere. A girl should understand that if there comes a difficult moment in her life, she will be able to ask for your help and support after a breakup.

  •         Take all the blame on yourself

Convince a girl in this. Spend less time with her. Don’t be interested in her business and so on. Love will slowly take a back seat, and it will gradually turn into friendship.

  •         Tell a girl that you both need to take a break to rest from each other and see if you need to continue building sand castles

Trying to soften her pain, don’t run away to brides online dating at once. Listen to her answer, you can bring her home or continue talking until her emotions calm down. Do something for her at the end. But avoid material gifts because they can remind her of your breakup or be thrown into the nearest garbage disposal. For example, if you live together, you can pay for renting an apartment and move out or help with something, and many other things. Let it be the service that will help make her life easier after a breakup.

  •         Pay particular attention to the right words

The absence of accusations is the axiom if your goal is not the moral destruction of a girl. Tell her about her uniqueness, about the importance and value of the experience, thank and remember the positive moments, don’t break the girl’s self-esteem. But don’t get carried away by “serenades”. Say that you don’t see a way to improve your relationship, that she will be happier without you and so on. So, how to nicely break up with someone? You can offer friendly communication. But don’t impose because it is difficult to be friends right after you have ceased to be lovers, and it is even impossible for many girls. And don’t offer her break-up sex and don’t arrange the last romantic night. This offer can seriously hurt a girl who feels like a backup option. For many, it’s worse than being nobody.

If you notice that it’s not so easy for her to let you go and she disagrees with it, she begins to blackmail and threaten, then change the tactic. Here are the nice ways to break up: don’t break up in one day, step aside and ask for a pause in a relationship to think about the situation. Thus, you will be able to discuss it on the basis of new conclusions and gradually move away.

Keep humanity when you break up. No matter how your life was, whatever reasons led to a breakup, and if there were doubts. It’s better to talk to your partner openly than to endlessly break up and make up, realizing that you are not ready to lose her.


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