How to Use a Bitcoin Mixer

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

There have been different forms of transactions, some of which have been effective for human activity. In recent years, there has been an evolution where people can make transactions digitally. Cryptocurrency is one way that you exchange money in a digital format.


In this case, bitcoins are a form of currency that enables you to exercise your transfers through an online network. This has become popular, especially to people who deal with international transactions. However, there have been cases of people trying to track every transaction that people make in the bitcoins network. This type of fraud has led to many people losing their money. The introduction of a bitcoin mixer has played a significant role in avoiding scam cases. This is where you can transfer small bits of your money to other accounts to avoid tracing. Here, you are required to research who the mixer is and know how it works. Most mixers tend to have taken a certain commission depending on how much or how long you want to mix. This way, you can be sure that your transaction tracks will be safe. Here is how to use a bitcoin mixer:

Create Wallets

Bitcoins are a crucial type of currency transaction that can cost you much money if you do not lay good security measures. This way, you are advised to look for the best bitcoin mixer that can protect you from traces that can be made by fraudsters. These wallets are virtual, which link Clearnet with the Tor network for extra privacy and access.

In this case, the creation of wallets has different steps that you need to take with measures. Here you require making the first wallet from the Clearnet, which is publicly used. If you have already acquired your bitcoins, you can transfer them to your first wallet. Once you have done that, create a second wallet, but this time use a tor network that is not easily traced. This is called the intermediary wallet. You are required to use different addresses to make it seem like a normal transaction to any investigator tracing you. Here, transfer the bitcoins from the first wallet to the intermediary wallet. Create a third wallet, which is final, using the Tor network as well as different addresses and passwords.

Choosing the Mixer

Bitcoins safety should always be a priority one you have enrolled for their services. They are worth, and fraudsters are always ready to find a chance and fraud you. Therefore, you are required to look for the best mixer before making any transfers. This is after following all steps to avoid tracing.

Once you get a trusted mixer, you can now transfer your bitcoins from the intermediary wallet to the addresses that you made in the third wallet. This way, you can be sure that your bitcoins are secure, and you are the only one who can access them since you have the addresses. This is why you always create an extra wallet between the market and the mixer. For the mixers, they come in different terms depending on what you agree with them. For instance, you should know how the bitcoins are varying in different seasons, whether they have legal verification of mixing bitcoins or the security measures that they have set up for your bitcoins. This way, it will be easy for you to choose the ones with better terms that guarantee the safety of your bitcoins.


Cryptocurrencies are delicate, where they face numerous threats to fraud. Therefore, they have taken enough measures that can help them avoid any tracing in their accounts. This by introducing the use of Clearnet and Tor networks as ways of safety.

Once you have done the bitcoins transfer, you need to wait for a verification of whether your coins arrived from the tumbler. This should take fewer hours, depending on the mixer addresses that you are using. If you take any longer, this implies that you have issues with the type of address you are using. You might consider calling them, or else you will end up losing your coins. If they manage to go through, you are required to restart the Tor network and direct your coins to the destination of your choice. This verification should be done keenly since some sites may have some issues making you lose your bitcoins. Make sure you use the Tor network. This helps you to maintain your privacy since no one can access your passwords or see your recent transactions. This type of clarity can also help you perform your international deals digitally without depending on intermediaries like the banks.



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