Latest WhatsApp Update for Windows Phone Adds Many Snapchat like Features to the App

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WhatsApp update for Windows Phone:- WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service. Since Facebook bought WhatsApp a while back, they have been adding many exciting new features to it. Another thing that we have noticed is that earlier, Windows Phone were given the updates at the end. Now, the tables have turned and it is the iOS which has become the last platform to get the updates. The latest WhatsApp update for Windows Phone is a proof of this.

Latest WhatsApp update for Windows Phone

The beta users of the app have got a new update. This update gives WhatsApp many Snapchat like features. A similar update for Android was rolled out a little while back. There too it was the beta users who received the update.

whatsapp update for windows phone

The latest WhatsApp update for Windows Phone wil make many Windows Phone owners happy! (Credits MSPowerUser)

Here is a list of new features that come along with the WhatsApp update for Windows Phone :-

  • Inking
  • Adding emoticons to the pictures
  • Writing on the pictures
  • Drawing on pictures

Apart from these, there is also the obvious UI tweaking and general bug fixes. WhatsApp now also supports GIFs.

If you own a Windows Phone and want to try the new features then you need to have the latest beta version installed. Only then you will be able to try the new features.

What else?

A couple of days back, WhatsApp also started the two-step verification process for its Android and Windows Phone users. Just like all other new features, it is in the beta stage right now. It is a very useful and secure method to make sure that your WhatsApp remains safe. To know more about it, follow this link.

Recently, video calls feature has also been added to WhatsApp. Click here to learn more about the same.This was all about the latest WhatsApp update for Windows Phone. Stay tuned for more updates.



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