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The 5 Latest Trend in CBD

Recently, with the legalization of CBD, it’s been trending across the world. It is gaining popularity in like every field, be it wellness, sports, beauty products and latest was heard that CBD infused burgers at some festival.

There is no doubt that CBD is the latest and hottest wellness trend.

We have come across news where celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Alessandra Ambrosio have been seen consuming CBD products or using CBD oil for various reasons.

So let us see what does 2019 hold for CBD, but before we move to see the 5 latest trend in CBD, we should first understand the base about it.  

CBD in short cannabidiol, is a chemical compound extracted from plant Cannabis. A naturally occurring substance used in products like CBD oil and edibles to get someone out of pain.

CBD has therapeutic properties which are being put to research and confirmed by the doctors. It is not psychoactive like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Both CBD and THC have super powers to impart relaxation but unlike THC, CBD doesn’t make person high or intoxicated. CBD and THC act in different ways in brain and body.

CBD actually neutralizes the psychoactive effects of THC, but that depends on the quantity of compound consumed.

The most important fact is that CBD being infused with therapeutic powers of imparting relaxation and calm, without intoxicating effect and easy to be consumed as CBD oil, makes it appealing for individuals who are beginners.

Legality of CBD

In the US: It is legal kind of, but not entirely. The farm bill was passed to make it easy to grow and cultivate hemp under Federal law

In UK: It is legal with some conditions to be fulfilled –

If it is for medical reasons

If it is being obtained from EU approved industrial hemp strain

If it has less than 0.2% THC

The latest Top 5 Trends in CBD

  1. CBD infused Food – hottest trend

A survey found some restaurants hosting cannabis-infused food. In Canada, chefs have been legally cooking with CBD and experimenting with it.

The state like Washington, where the drug is legal for recreational use, have also resorted to cannabis-infused food

After the passing of The Farm Bill by President Donald Trump, most of the CBD products have become legal. Though FDA (Food and Drug Administration) prohibits from using CBD in food, but this hasn’t stopped some restaurants from selling CBD infused food

Most restaurants offer CBD infused beverages. Coffee shops have introduced CBD infused lattes and CBD mocktails in some bars

2. CBD for Athletes is a growing trend

Workout puts a lot of tiredness and stress on the body. When you are repetitively training heavily, you tend to get strain, tenderness, inflammation of muscles causing little pain. So due to this most of the athletes are resorting to CBD in their daily usage or using CBD oil for a good massage. CBD is also a good supplement for recovery after exercise.

CBD is induced into their night routine so as to give relaxation and reduce stress, so that they can become more focus the very next day for their practice or training.

After exercise insomnia thing is common these days among athletes and if body doesn’t repair itself during sleep and regenerates fibers, then they won’t be able to put in strenuous effort. So good amount of sleep is utmost important, which is helped by CBD.

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3. Retail Market for CBD set to grow

Since CBD has become the quite hottest trend now, CBD products have become more accessible in mass retail outlets, be it restaurants, beauty stores, pharmaceuticals or departmental store. A recent survey showed very good cosmetic brands like Sephora, using CBD products.

4. CBD infused Pet Products are a thing now

The recent survey was done where few CBD focused brands for Pets have started gaining attraction in the market. Pet owners are much keen towards CBD because of positive effects on their pets, without side effects. So basically pets have become a customer to cannabis as their owners use CBD to get them relief from pain. Lighting & thunderstorm causes pets(dogs) to pant, where CBD can be used to calm down. Since its being added to each and every item from food beverages to cosmetic products, Pet products has become a good market.

5. CBD in Beauty and wellness

CBD Beauty Products

With the legalization of CBD and science doing good researches, CBD is getting glow up. Celebrities like Emma Roberts, use CBD oil before events. Kim Kardashian had a CBD theme in her baby shower. What does CBD in beauty products actually do; CBD oil helps in treating acne, helps in the treatment of dry skin and acts as anti-aging.


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