VPN Usage – How Big are VPNs today?

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

While we would all love to be able to go online and access all that the internet has to offer, there are roadblocks and restrictions in place to prevent that from happening. Depending on where you live in the world, the content available to you online may be a whole lot less than in other parts of the globe. It’s certainly not an equitable balance that we are looking at in that regard, but things are changing dramatically, and it’s all thanks to the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s). If you are not currently using a VPN, you may not be seeing everything that is available online.

Before we get into the size of the VPN market as it stands now, we should probably take a moment to talk about what a VPN actually is. Without getting too technical, a VPN is a piece of software that essentially masks your IP address and your location to make it look as though you are actually going online from another part of the world. This software is a huge help in keeping everything that you do on the internet as private as it gets, while also opening doors to content that might otherwise not have been available to you.

According to Bestvpn.uk.com, over the course of an average month, roughly 25% of people who go online will do so using a VPN. While some use their software on a daily basis, others simply use the VPN during certain sessions, usually when they are looking to visit a website or view content that is not available in their specific region. That number may seem a little small, but this is still a relatively new advancement that not every internet user is aware of yet. Expect that 25% number to grow quite dramatically in the coming years.

Just how much can we expect it to grow by? If we go back to 2016, we see that the VPN market was valued at $15.46 billion (US Dollars), with that number jumping to $20.60 billion in 2018. The industry expects the value to increase by another $3 billion in 2019, with that number once again jumping to $35 billion by the time we hit 2022. With serious concerns about privacy, it is likely to be the North American market that jumps on board the fastest. Asia Pacific and Middle East countries are at the top of the usage list right now, but things may well start to even out in 2019.

Make no mistake about it, the use of VPN’s is very much on the rise. It certainly helps that many antivirus software suites now come complete with a VPN as part of the package. This is certainly a huge benefit for those folks who might not ordinarily know where to get a VPN or where to begin. The reality of all of this is that VPN’s are big business in 2019 and they are only going to get bigger. Now is the time to get on board to protect your privacy and unlock some online doors.



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