Billy Joel

Pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer from the United States.

Billy Joel, whose full name is William Martin Joel, is an American singer, pianist, and songwriter. He was born in the Bronx, New York, on May 9, 1949.

His parents encouraged him to listen to classical music, and he started taking piano lessons at age 4. 

He started playing in bands at the age of 14 after falling in love with soul and the British Invasion.

Billy Joel composed and sang the song "Piano Man." It was featured on Billy Joel's 1973 album Piano Man and later released as a single on November 2, 1973. It was his debut song in North America.

Joel has experimented with a variety of musical styles, mixing and fusing numerous elements, such as hard rock, jazz blended with pop and soul, and love ballads.

Billy Joey has received numerous honors, including Emmy awards and 6 Grammy Awards.

Alexis Roderick, Billy Joey's fourth wife, is his current wife. His first three wives were Elizabeth Weber, Katie Lee, and Christie Brinkley. 

Billy Joey is the father of three daughters: Alexa Ray Joel, 36; Della Rose Joel, 7; and Remy Anne Joel, 4.


Billy Joey has a approx. net worth of $225 Million.

His primary sources of revenue include live performances, piano playing, and singing.

Source of Income

Billy Joel continues to rank among the best singers, pianists, and music producers in the USA. His debut music record helped him get notoriety.


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