Diane Hendricks

America's Richest  Self-Made Billionaire 

Diane Hendricks

American film producer and billionaire, Diane Marie Hendricks. She is placed first on Forbes' list of the wealthiest self-made women in America as of 2022. 

Diane Hendricks is the Co-founder and Chairman of ABC Supply, one of the largest wholesalers of roofing, siding, and windows in the United States.

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American businesswoman Diane Hendricks was born in 1947. Diane Hendricks adored her all-American background as one of nine daughters born to Wisconsin dairy farmers.

Ken Hendricks

Diane is the former wife of businessman Ken Hendricks. For almost 40 years, Diane and Ken were husband and wife and business partners.

Diane Hendricks’ Family

Diane Hendricks, age 69, and her family reside in Afton, Wisconsin. She has seven children and seventeen grandchildren.

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In 1982, Diane M. Hendricks and her late husband Kenneth Hendricks launched ABC. It has received two Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards and 15 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Awards. She is the portfolios' chairman for ABC Supply and HHC.

Beloit Daily Headliner Award

The Beloit Daily Headliner Award for 2014 goes to Diane Hendricks. She supported Governor Scott Walker's re-election campaign by providing roughly $500,000 in donations.

For the sixth year in a row, Diane Hendricks topped Forbes' list of the wealthiest self-made women. According to Forbes, her estimated real-time net worth is $13.2 billion. 

Net Worth

$13.2 billion