'House of The Dragon' Actor Matt Smith on Portraying 2 Roles in Series

English actor Matthew Robert Smith was born on October 28, 1982 in home of David and Lynne Smith in the UK.

He is a brother to Laura Jayne Smith. 

He is most recognised for his appearances as Prince Philip in the Netflix series and the eleventh Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who

In the fantasy drama 'House of The Dragons', Matt Smith can be seen playing the roles of Prince Philip and Daemon Targaryen.

The fantasy novelist George RR Martin describes Daemon as "dashing, bold, and dangerous" with a fiery mood in his books.

"Both of the personalities had a lot of room for interpretation and radiated a spirit of defiance, which is still another similarity." Smith stated.

Smith added that participating in them is a beautiful experience. I'm overjoyed that I was cast as Prince Philip. I considered him to be a true rock star.

The actor, however, felt that there should have been less sex scenes in the series and was not happy with the number that was present.

Awards & Honours

— Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - 2018 (Nominee) — Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series - 2016 and 2017 (Nominee)

Approximately $9 million is Matt Smith's net worth. Films and online shows are his sources of income.


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Because of his appearances in House of the Dragons, Matt Smith is currently one of the most recognized actors. He enjoys performing two roles in the show since he is learning new things