Who is Natalia Salas? 

The 35-year-old Peruvian actress Natalia Salas is popular for her appearance as Andrea Aguirre in the American television series "Al fondo hay Iugar."

She made her television debut in Peruvian miniseries ‘Rita y Yo’.  Cesar Ritter, Jimena Lindo, Gustavo Bueno, Jorge Chiarella, and other well-known actors appeared on the programme. 

Additionally, Salas made appearances in the television shows "Asi es la vida," "Grafitti," and "Placeres y Tentaciones." 

Natalia Salas pursued a musical interest before starting her acting career and actively participated in the singing competition 'Worth Dreaming.’ 

Natalia revealed a few days ago that she had breast cancer and would have a mastectomy. 

Peruvian actress Natalia Salas also said that in July she went to a doctor because her breasts were bleeding. 

Natalia underwent some tests at the doctor's recommendation, and it was then determined that she had breast cancer. The doctor told her that she needed surgical treatment. 

She underwent surgical treatment on September 10 and shared a message with her fans on Instagram ahead of the surgery. 

The first step on this path that begins tomorrow. Today I give way to a new version of me that will fight like it has never fought and will be powerful….renovative. And triumphant! Thank you so many shows of love, support, prayer and more. #ConTodoMenosMiedo.

— Natalia Salas

After her surgery, Natalia's husband, Sergio Coloma, confirmed that she’s fine and had no complications from the surgery. 



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