Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya broke up over the phone.

Young's feeling of "pressure to always be perfect" and the media spotlight, according to Olukoya, were other factors in their relationship's demise.

The first big fight of both took place on 1 January. 

When Young unfollowed him on Instagram, he became angry.



Olukoya said that he trusted Young; there were “insecurities” in their relationship.

Our partnership was challenging. There are many ups and downs, arguments, and fights, as well as an overall lack of understanding and agreement, according to Olukoya. 

One of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced was probably the beginning of my relationship with Michelle.

December 21, 2021, Michelle and Nayte engaged after winning The Bachelorette.

Ricky claims that his nephew also created an IG account for one of his children, which harassed him.