What Is The Best GRE Prep Course to Succeed on the GRE?

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Most US graduate schools now require an applicant to pass the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) before getting admitted to a graduate degree program. Even some law schools have started to recognize GRE as a substitute for the LSAT. It’s also true for business schools as some of them have already begun to accept more GRE passers than that of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Thus, further emphasizing the significance of the standardized test in the effort of professionals to continue their educational advancement.

However, when studying or preparing for the GRE, a tough decision that graduate studies aspirants face is to figure out the best out of the many prep courses available out there. Some prefer an online preparation course, while others favor the traditional in-person classes or private tutoring. Self-studying is also another path that others opt to take instead.

If you’re still on the fence of whether to take online courses, private tutoring, or in-person coaching as part of your GRE preparations, this post will tell you what’s the best way to succeed on the GRE and why.

But, before delving into the GRE prep courses, take a look at what you can expect from the Graduate Record Examinations below.

GRE, What’s Inside It?

The Graduate Record Examinations is a computer-adaptive test that you have to finish in three hours and forty-five minutes. 

The GRE has three sections:

  • The first section is the analytical writing that tests an individual’s ability to effectively communicate complex ideas. Effective here means expressing your thoughts clearly and coherently. Part of the analytical writing section is knowing how to support ideas using examples and logical reasoning, as well as evaluating claims and pieces of evidence.
  • Next is the quantitative section that throws questions related to data interpretation, problem-solving, and quantitative comparisons. 

Basically, this section will test the math skills of the GRE hopefuls, covering several disciplines like geometry, algebra, and arithmetic.

  • Last but, of course, not the least is the verbal section where your vocabulary, ability to understand key concepts, reading comprehension, and how you analyze different sentences and passages, get tested. 

So, now that you already understand what’s inside the GRE. It’s time to answer the question, “what is the best prep course to succeed on the GRE?” 

Well, this post believes that it’s the online prep course, and below are the top three reasons why.

  1. Online Prep Courses Are Convenient Because Of Flexibility

When it comes to preparing or studying for the GRE, most aspirants find having so much on their plate a significant constraint. 

For instance, if you’re still in the process of obtaining your undergraduate degree, it means you have to attend classes for ten to twelve hours. Not to mention the hassle if you’re already employed and have to be at the workplace for eight to nine hours a day. Aside from academic and professional commitments, don’t discount the fact that you still have a social life to take care of. Of course, you also have family commitments. Those things said, how do you think your preparation for the exam will go? It could be a mountain to climb.

An online prep course can save you from drowning since it’ll allow you to come up with your own schedule and go through the learning materials whenever you want. Thus, you can skip classes if you don’t currently have the time for it, but go back and finish the lesson later on when you’re already free. 

You can also study in the park, a coffee shop, a friend’s place, in the comfort of your room, or anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection. Thus, it gives you the convenience you need to study effectively.

2. Online Prep Courses Offer Personalized Learning

Most likely, you’d want a course that’ll enable you to cut down on preparation time by focusing your energy on your weaknesses or the things you need the most. It’s something that isn’t possible in physical classes since you really have to sit down and listen to the discussion, no matter how knowledgeable you already are about the topic. 

An online prep course can help you spend your time studying for the upcoming exam more effectively by tailoring the course to your needs. 

3. Online Prep Courses Have Up-To-Date Content

It’s not surprising to see learning materials that have not changed much for years in prep courses that require in-person attendance in a classroom. It’s also true for private tutoring. If you want a prep course that alters existing lessons and questions based on reliable data analysis, the online option is perfect for you. 

Online prep course providers strive to improve all the lessons and questions to continually ensure quality. They make it possible by using data from the real-time performance of users, including yours, to make sure that everything doesn’t stay stagnant. These changes are something that you should benefit from during the examination day for sure. 

Final Thoughts

Aside from the things mentioned above, tracking your progress is also possible with online GRE prep courses. Add to it the chance to access proven and tested strategies, in-depth review lessons, as well as robust answers and explanations for high-quality practice questions. 

All of these things make online prep courses the best way to prepare for the Graduate Record Examinations.



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