6 Must Have Home Improvement Tools

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Home improvement projects can give you a run for your money, specifically if you will be hiring other people to handle various tasks that you might be able to do on your own if you had the right tools. Handling such projects on your own can help in reducing the costs by a great deal. The problem is that most homeowners dread getting their hands dirty. As a matter of fact, being a DIYer is very satisfying and can make you appreciate your home even more than you already do. This is because it gives you the privilege of enjoying the results of your creativity and labor. On the other hand, you can’t begin a DIY journey without having some of the most crucial tools. Having some of these tools will help in ensuring that you are able to complete your home improvement projects on time. Here is a list of tools that you should add into your tools box before starting any project.

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1. Welding Machine

A welding machine comes in handy when you want to construct steel structures such as doors, windows and garden furniture. This is because it makes it easy to join different pieces of metal together. Using a welding machine is pretty simple. You only need to follow the instructions that are included in the user manual and you will be good to go. Besides that, it’s also important you consider your safety while using the machine. 

That’s why it’s recommended you invest in a quality welding helmet, gloves and boots. Since most machines come with a long power cable, you can make beads without being limited by distance. Before you buy a welding machine, it’s advisable you first comb through online reviews. This helps in guaranteeing that you make an informed decision when shopping for the machine. You can click here for details on the most efficient and reliable welding machines in the market.

2. Screwdriver Set

A set of screwdriver is a very useful arsenal when you want to be doing some things on your own. This is because you will be able to tighten and open screws without damaging their grooves. Since a flat tipped screwdriver can’t be used on x-shaped screws, it’s important you get a set that includes both types of screwdrivers. And for the sake of reducing the weight of your arsenal, you can opt for interchangeable screwdrivers.

3. Claw Hammer

The claw hammer is needed for driving nails through wooden surfaces. The same tool can also be used for removing nails, especially when reconstructing structures. In addition to that, you can use it to straighten bent nails instead of buying new ones. For best performance, it’s advisable you opt for a hammer that has a metallic handle because it’s more durable than one with a wooden handle. And that’s not all. The handle should be coated with rugged rubber or vinyl material to provide a firm grip over the hammer when it’s in use.

4. Tape Measure

You can’t complete any home improvement project without using a tape measure. This is because the tool helps in calculating the space that’s needed by the additional features. Besides that, the tape measure helps in preventing wastage of materials. When you have a tape measure, it’s obvious that you will first measure the dimensions of the surface that you will be working on so that you can get the right size of materials. For instance, if you want to install tiles in the bathroom, you will need to measure the square foot of both the walls and the floor to know the number of tiles that will be enough for the project.

5. Mallet

A metallic mallet is efficient when you want to demolish certain parts of your home. In fact the majority of DIY enthusiasts prefer to use a mallet instead of a bulldozer or an excavator because it doesn’t weaken the entire house. Besides that, it’s more affordable than hiring a bulldozer. Merging several rooms becomes easier when you have a mallet. This is due to the fact that you will only need to demolish the walls to create more space for additional features in your home.

6. Grinder

There are two types of grinders that are commonly used in home improvement projects; corded and cordless grinders. The advantage of a cordless grinder is that it allows you to go where your job takes you. A corded grinder is also good but you have to remain tethered close to the wall socket when in action. Regardless of your choice of a grinder, you will be able to sharpen blades, cut pieces of metal and smoothen metallic edges at the blink of an eye. The good thing is that a grinder can go for decades without malfunctioning. The only thing that needs to be changed from time to time is the blade. But that also depends on how often you use the grinder.



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