Top Hollywood Inspirational Movies One Should Watch

by Chandan Sanwal - 18 July 2017

Top Hollywood Inspirational Movies one Should Watch: Once in a while we come across a movie which moves us, inspires us to do better, and makes us think about life and its meaning and our reason to exist. Here are 10 of them. Happy watching and at the same time get inspired while doing so.   The Pursuit...


How to Take Better Photos with Smartphone

So you are planning to buy an expensive DSLR or digital camera just because you are not satisfied with your smartphone camera, right? Well, no need to do this as here you will learn how to take better photos with smartphone. Below you will come to know about some basic but very useful tips which help you to capture amazing photos. As you are already ready to spend some money I promise you that after...


6 Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh for a Fantastic Vacation

6 Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh for a Fantastic Vacation

Popular as the adventure capital of the country, Leh Ladakh is the most visited tourist destination with top three highest mountain passes in the world. The place has strong roots of Buddhism and Tibetan culture and has an Eastern outlook owing to its architecture and cuisine. An isolated adventure spot, Leh Ladakh is the perfect destination to for adventure junkies. With a stretch full of null vegetation...