Best choices for your Holidays in Germany

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The best way to enjoy your holidays, summer getaways or your simple get together with your family and friends is to spend a week or two in the magnificent country in Europe, Germany. Holidays in Germany are delightful opportunities for tourists all over the world in order to capture the beauty, the splendor as well as the customs of the said country. To travel to Germany is worth your time due to the different features the place has to offer. Whether you walk your way along the streets of Berlin, or stay jaw dropped with the lights of Cologne during the night time, you and your companions will long for more as your travel your way through the different places in Germany. You can find here more information about to plan a holiday.

If you are considering a travel to Germany, there are some things that you may want to consider. An essential homework that you have to do is to seek some apartment or hotel where you and your family can stay for the rest of your time in Germany. Due to the millions of visitors in the country throughout the year, expect accommodations to be fully booked or near full at all times. It is definitely important to take some research about the best places where you can spend your night for your holidays in Germany. The best places to search for places to stay are around the central district of Berlin such as the Kempinski hotel, Hotel Adlon Kempinski and Maritim prorate Hotel. All of which are among the highest rated hotels in Germany where you can stay for your holidays in Germany.

If you are looking for more excitement as you go along your trip, it would also be a great idea for you to take a walk along the historical sites in the place, particularly in Berlin. As the center of the country, you will definitely be fascinated with the development of the city through the years which have become the mirror of the country’s economic development after the world war. However, if you are searching for cultural aspects of the place, you can also seek for the Oberammergau, a district located at Bavaria, Germany to experience the passion play, a historical evidence of the people’s belief in God to wipe away the plague which have once caused onslaught to Germans young and old alike. 

Holidays in Germany are like any other catholic countries. Expect the Easter holidays, Christmas day and many others. You may also find it great to visit and take a guide through the country during the German unity day, celebrating the unity of the Germans when the Berlin wall was removed.  

This country stretches from the northern lands of Scandanavia down to the Apline regions of France and Switzerland. Here are three ideas for your trip plans:


The city of Berlin is stunning and will take your breath away as soon as you arrive. If you are interested in experiencing some of the history of this beautiful town, then you can visit the Eastside Gallery which is the most extended section of the Berlin Wall that is still intact and has been preserved. As for saving money on cheap hotels in Berlin, there are many options for you to choose from. For example, you can stay at the Novalis, Down Town Bingo 2, or the Pension Absolut all for around $70 a night and many hotels are even cheaper than that!


In Munich, travelers can enjoy a number of museums to learn the city’s unique history like the BMW Museum, the National Bavarian Museum, or the Museum Brandhorst. The Marienplatz is home to some of the most historic buildings in Munich that no visitor should miss when in Munich. Tourists can find an inexpensive hotel to stay in without having to search all over the internet. Several hotels are less than $100 a night, and that is a great deal for a hotel in Munich. Some of these hotels are the Express by Holiday Inn, the Euro Youth Hotel, and the Holiday Inn Munchen Sud. Any of these would be a great choice to help you save money on your trip to Germany.


Cologne is a fantastic place to visit in order to see some beautiful sites that you will never forget. One of these sites is the Cologne Cathedral with its amazing stain glass windows and decor. There are plenty of historical churches that you can visit and take tours of as well. For some of the best deals on hotels in Cologne, you should check out the Hotel Cristall, the Hotel Brandenburger Hof, or the Hotel Europaischer Hof for great choices that are under $70 a night. Guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep without spending an arm and a leg.

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