A Beginner’s Guide To Dirt Bike Parts

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Dirt bike protection parts are critical in ensuring that delicate components of your bike are protected against mud and other objects. Most of the parts you get at TokyoMods will give you peace of mind and allow you to go about your business without worrying about breaking down without the ability of a fix. They range from disk brake guards, exhaust guards, swing arm protectors, and fork shoe protectors.  The engine case guards give the engine additional protection to help you cut down the cost of repairing bikes.

Of course, dirty bike accessories are important components that will give you peace of mind and allow you to ride your bike with joy since they protect it from mud and damage. They may also protect other accessories, radiator braces, and even bash plates.  Also, they give the bike further protection in the event of a crash. Here are some of the dirt bike parts you may need to consider.

1. Bash guards

They are important accessories that a rider needs to consider when riding a bike to help protect the engine. They are critical in assisting the rider hope over logs and charge through rocks. The bash guards ensure that the bike is always in gnarly condition.  They come in both plastic and aluminum options. Riders prefer plastic because it is lighter.

2. Skid plates 

You can use these accessories to protect the frame and engine. They are lightweight and provide slime protection. They sit below the engine and may extend or sit neatly on the frame. They help to protect your bike engine from dirt and mud when riding in murky waters. The skid plates come in both plastic and aluminum.

3. Radiator guards and braces

They sit behind a radiator to give it the extra strength and support that prevent the radiator from bending when you get involved in an accident. It allows you to continue riding even after getting involved in an accident. Also, the guards and braces help prevent dirt and other objects from getting into the radiator and ruining it.

4. Frame guards

They are popular since they help to protect the frame from scratches. It also provides the grip you need while riding the bike or racing. This is an important aspect to anyone considering reselling the bike after some time.

5. Handguards

They are important dirt bike accessories since they extend the lever around the front to protect it fully. The handguards will also protect your hands from getting smashed into obstacles. Some of them come with extra protection that will protect the rider from foliage. So, you will still ride at full speed but avoid the painful whips you may experience when riding in shushes.

6. Linkage guard

It sits on the rear section of the bike in front of the rear tire but behind the engine.   It is bolted to reduce damage to the bike when caught up on a rock and a log.

7. Brake Rotor guard

A bike has both the front and the back brake discs, which are very close to the ground. So, they often get smashed with debris and rocks. When it happens, they may bend and make the braking system ineffective. Thus, the brake rotor guard ensures that the brake is protected from such smashes.



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