10 Tips for the first-time customers to buy the best travel insurance for USA

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Travel insurance is necessary for travelers when they want to plan a trip with their family and others. It provides more protection from potential risks enabling a person to ensure peace of mind. Buying travel insurance for the USA is a challenging process and customers who buy a plan for the first time should keep certain things in mind to accomplish goals. Not only that, but it will also help a lot to choose the best travel insurance for USA which exactly suits the needs of a person. Moreover, it provides ways to plan a safe trip to the US with ease. 

Guidelines for first time US travel insurance buyers 

While buying travel insurance for the USA, customers should get ideas from experts and other sources that give ways to make the right decision. Furthermore, it enables them to get more ideas easily to plan a trip according to needs. 

Here are some tips to follow while purchasing US travel insurance for the first time. 

1. Knowing the needs 

Buying travel insurance is a complicated process and one should do homework while choosing a plan. He/she should review benefits and policy terms in detail to make sure that they are getting the right coverage. It is necessary to make that a policy comes with medical coverage and emergency medical evacuation coverage while traveling to remote areas in the US. 

2. Understanding the value of travel insurance 

While choosing a plan for the first time, travelers should understand the importance of travel insurance in detail. They should know how investing money in a policy will benefit in several ways. Another thing is that it will help a lot to safeguard the interests of a person on a trip to witness complete satisfaction. 

3. Knowing what’s not covered 

When purchasing travel insurance for the first time, customers should know what’s not covered in a plan. Most companies don’t offer coverage for adventure, professional sports, medical tourism, extreme sports, etc. Therefore, it is wise to gather more details about the exclusions briefly that will help make the right decision. 

4. Customization 

A traveler should evaluate whether a policy offers customization options while purchasing travel insurance. He/she should look out for a plan that offers post-departure benefits such as trip interruption, flight delay, medical emergency, loss of baggage, and so on. First-time policy buyers should work with an insurance agent or company before picking a plan. 

5. Types of plans

Insurance companies offer different types of plans for customers in the markets which cater to their needs. Hence, they should know about them in detail that will help buy the best plan accordingly. 

6. Age limit

Age determines the premium amount of a travel insurance plan and customers should know how it will affect a person when buying a new one. The costs of insurance plans for elders will be high and one should evaluate them with proper attention before buying them. 

7. Features

Not all insurance plans are the same and first-time buyers should compare the features in detail that will help a lot to gain more advantages. The features may vary from one company to another company and customers should know them when buying a plan. It is wise to seek guidelines from professionals while investing money in travel insurance policies. 

8. Destination 

The premium rates of US travel insurance plans are expensive due to high medical expenses and other factors. Therefore, one should consult with a company before traveling to the US that will help get high protection from potential threats. Also, the duration of a trip plays a key role in determining the prices and customers should focus on the same when they want to buy a plan from India and other countries. 

9. Medical conditions 

First-time travel insurance buyers should consider medical conditions because many firms don’t offer coverage for pre-existing illnesses. They should check the same properly before purchasing a plan from a company.

10. Insured amount

A person who buys US travel insurance for the first time should consider the insured amount because it helps to get more benefits. He/she should check what the best insurance plan in India offers to customers before investing money. 

Where to buy the best US travel insurance plans in India?

First-time policy buyers in India should select the right insurance company which satisfies their requirements when it comes to coverage. Care India Insurance offers different types of plans at affordable prices for customers to ensure high protection. The company aims at providing the best plans for US travelers when they want to plan a trip. Apart from that, it even shows ways to compare the plans online that will help select the right one depending on the requirements. Excellent customer care support is available for customers when they want to gather more information about travel insurance plans and other things. 



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