7 Easy Steps to Become an Essay Writer

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The learning curve for becoming a professional essay writer can sometimes be annoying. It, however, does not need to be such an exasperating process. If you have the correct information, you will find essay writing to be easy and fun. You do not have to go through so much trial and error. If you experience problems writing your essays, you have come to the right place. This article will dissect step-by-step methods that you can implement to become a proficient essay writer.

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7 Easy Steps to Become an Essay Writer

  1. Enjoy what you are writing about

One of the ways writers face writers’ block is by trying to venture into a field that they do not remotely enjoy. Having an interest in a subject will make research faster. It will also be easier to grasp the attention of your readers. Maya Angelou once stated that passion is the golden ticket to sustainable writing. It is what pushes you to churn copy even when you feel the fountain of your creativity has dried up. Please find out the niche of essays you are interested in and focus on it. You will be able to develop a good work ethic when you relish your work.

  1. Avoid procrastinating

When writing an essay, the hurdles in research may push you to deceive yourself into postponing your tasks to a later date. However, procrastination is the worst killer of time. You can avoid prevaricating by developing a daily routine where you dedicate some hours to working. You should also ensure that you have a good work environment that allows you to work without distractions. When you keep postponing your tasks, you will have very little time left for the actual work. This will lead to a lot of mistakes due to the last-minute rush. Time management is therefore paramount for you as an essay writer. You will have enough time to develop compelling arguments that will make your assignments top-notch. If you are having trouble meeting your deadlines, you can hire a professional essay writer to help you create different approaches that make your essay competitive.

  1. Use various sources

As a writer, you need various sources to support the argument behind your essay. By using a single source, your ideas will not be genuine. References in your paper show that you have considered various viewpoints and evaluated credible evidence. As a writer, it is essential to know that your essay is beyond your opinion. Instead, it would help if you backed up your arguments using solid facts. As you include sources in your paper, you can include them in three ways. You can summarize, paraphrase or quote directly. Sometimes it might be necessary for the readers to hear the ideas precisely as the author intended. To avoid plagiarism when using sources, ensure you follow the proper rules of documentation. After research, you will have a lot of sources, so you need to organize how you will include the references in your essay.

  1. Adopt an organized writing strategy

What makes a difference between expert writers and inexperienced writers is the level of organization among the writers. Sometimes writers make the mistake of thinking complex vocabularies and phrases to account for good writing. What makes your essay stand out is how organized and structured it is. Organization and structured work are some of the basics of writing. A good piece should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body covers the discoveries of your research while the ending ties up the ideas conclusively. It would help if you also had a structured way of researching your work. Organizing your sources and citations makes it easy to write your essay. Find your writing style and implement it.

  1. Ask for help

What comes naturally to others might be difficult for you. Sometimes students shy away from asking for help in essay writing and end up stuck completely. If you experience difficulties writing your essays, you need to ask for assistance from experienced writers or your professors. You can also outsource advanced academic writing services to help you with your writing tasks. You might feel like you do not want to share your argument with other people, but to build expertise in the discussion, you have to seek guidance from people who have been writing longer than you have. Getting help from other people also subsequently sharpens your skills because even the most talented writers seek help.

  1. Discover what works for you

As a writer, you need to find your niche and a balance that works for you. You need to find a schedule and a neat working space that push you to be the most productive. As earlier discussed, we found that one of the ways writers end up procrastinating is by not keeping track of time. Instead of working for long hours, try working for short hours with breaks. If you find it difficult working alone, you can join a study group where your ideas will be refreshed. When trying to discover your writing style, you should always keep the audience in mind. Sometimes essays are directed to a narrowly specific group of people. Discovering who you are writing to makes you an expert and reliable in the writing field. It will be easier to progress and reach a wider audience.

  1. Learn how to proofread

This seems like the dullest task in essay writing. However, expert essay writers always take some time to proofread their work. Rather than receiving point deductions, you can double-check your work and deliver an error-free piece of writing. There are several online proofreading tools that you can use. You can also involve a friend to check on your work. Having a fresh pair of eyes gives you a new perspective on what you ought to write. There is a learning curve in everything, and things do not turn out how you prefer them to be but with practice, you will be an expert essay writer.


As you can see, becoming an expert essay writer is not such a difficult feat. It is sometimes a difficult task for college students. However, with practice, you can discover and embrace techniques that improve your writing skills and smoothen your journey to becoming a professional writer.



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