Adventure Sports In India: Make Your Trip Bold and Daunting!!

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Adventure Sports In India: Welcome to the world of beauty, life, challenging adventures.Adventure sport is hugely popular in India, as there is such a wide range of things to do. The Himalaya region is the setting for many adventure. So, here we bring you the list of the best sports available.

1. Trek Over the frozen lake, Ladakh- The Lonely Planet


Chadar trek is one of most beautiful treks in Ladakh. Chadar trek is rather challenging due to the extreme cold conditions, but the alpine environment captivates a real sense of adventure as we trek over frozen rivers to access snow-bound villages of Chilling and the Zanskar Valley. The route will take you alongside the beautiful Zanskar River that reaches through picturesque canyons as you cross over frozen terrain; Ice-peaks and hanging icicles will also be seen en route. The maximum altitude of this trek is 3390 m (11,123 ft.)where you will be accompanied by welcoming porters throughout your journey and guided by well-experienced personnel.

2. Sky Diving


The sport got quite a recognisation in India after it was portrayed in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Just a few hours away from Bangalore, at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is known as the Sky diving hub. Organised by the Drop Zone, Kakini Enterprises, provided with the options of static jumps, tandem jumps and accelerated freefalls to choose from.

Another options for sky diving:

  • Dhana in Madhya Pradesh
  • Deesa in Gujarat
  • Amby Valley near Mumbai
  • Pondicherry

3. Scuba Diving


The deep clean blue water and beautiful marine life makes Andaman and Nicobar Islands one of the most fascinating destinations for scuba diving in India. The excellent visibility (more than 35m underwater), for one. A tropical paradise, the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Islands have a lot on offer–differently-sized and vibrant fish pass you by as you swim on surrounded by exotic coral.

Other sites in India:

  • Lakshdweep Island
  • Goa
  • Pondicherry
  • Karnataka

4. Hot Air Baloon Safari at Lonavala

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Lonavala, a picturesque hill station in the Western Ghats, lies between the cities of Pune and Mumbai. Hot air balooning is the one main attraction of the site. As you soar to sky like a bird, you will get an opportunity to admire natural vistas; something that you will cherish all your life. Estimated hight is 4000ft.

Other places to visit for Hot Air Balooning

  • The West Coast of Karnataka
  • Damdama Lake, Delhi NCR and Haryana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Rajasthan- The Pink City

5. Mountaineering

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This sport needs a lot of stamina, training and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and skills. The majestic mountains in India especially the Himalayas has inspired and amused every adventure enthusiast worldwide. A large part of North India has mountainous terrain and also houses some of the highest peaks of the world, which make it ideal for on-foot excursions.

Other places for mountaineering:

  • The Goecha La trek, Sikkim
  • The Stok Kangri trek, Ladakh
  • Himachal Pradesh

6. Flyboarding, Goa


With a lengthy coastline, breezy beaches and bright skies, Goa provides ample opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to explore the waters.

  • Candolim Beach,
  • Mobor Beach,
  • Rajbaga Beach

7. Rock climbing, Madhya Pradesh

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The rocks here are steep as they come! Many acclaimed rock climbers from all over the globe have come to India to test their mettle, and gradually, the awareness and craze for the sport has undergone a steady rise. The steep climb to the fort on the top of the rock is challenging, but the view of the entire town from the top is truly breathtaking.

  • Gurgaon
  • Matha Buru Hills, West Bengal
  • Hampi, Karnataka
  • Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh
  • Bangalore

8. Paragliding in Goa, Fly like a bird

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a thrilling adventure sport that allows you to soar high, with the vast expanse of nature underneath. Paragliding in India had not been a popular choice but the recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of paragliding sites in India.

  • Bir billing
  • Manali
  • Mussoorie
  • Kamchet
  • Bangalore
  • Nainital

9. Kayaking at Kali River

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Kayaking is an adventure sport that will appeal to water lovers. If you want to race down fast flowing rapids and navigate foamy mountain rivers then kayaking is the sport for you. The trip starts from Pithorgarh in Uttarakhand and passes through jungles and natural forests. You can enjoy watching wildlife and plants as you tackle the rapids. You’ll find all grades of rapids here from easy to medium.

  • Beas River
  • Rishikesh
  • Zanskar river
  • Brahamaputra

10. Wind Surfing

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Windsurfing is a watersport, that is practiced on a ‘windsurf’ board. The surfboard, usually between 2m and 5m, is powered along by the force of the wind on the sail. All windsurfing takes place off the west coast of India, and the dry months – October / November to March / April – are generally the best time of the year to indulge in the activity.

  • Goa
  • Lakshadweep
  • Mumbai
  • Pune

11. Water Rafting in Rishikesh

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Rishikesh, having the holy river of Ganges flowing through it is the white water capital of India. The flow of the water through the mountains is so rapid that it appears to be white, making it the best spot for white water rafting.The months of February, March, April, May, October and November witness the highest number of people arriving here for rafting from all over the world.

  • Zanskar, The Chilling River of Ladakh
  • Gangtok, The Challenging Rapids Of River Teesta
  • Kolad
  • Coorg, The Heaven Of South

12. Zorbing in Manali

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Manali is perhaps one of the most famous and prettiest hill stations in India. Known for its scenic views and majestic beauty, this is probably the best zorbing destinations. Adventure-hydro fanatics, this one is for you, experience the absolute thrill of rolling down a hill, with a one-of-a-kind specially designed zorb filled with one and a half feet (160 litres) deep water.

  • Delhi
  • Lonavala
  • Rishikesh

13. Camping in Coorg

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The Scotland of India; Coorg and enjoy a fun and exciting two day tented camping experience. The winding roads, acres and acres of coffee and cardamom plantations, misty hills, stretches of paddy fields, small river streams calm and serene.

  • Bhandardara
  • Ladakh
  • Nainital
  • Jaisalmer
  • Rishikesh

14. Caving in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is truly a treasure trove! Hidden in this state are some of the most enchanting caves, hills, waterfalls and mountains. The Khasi Hills and the Jaintia Hills are two of the popular hills, where one can indulge into caving and discover the mystical beauty of the state.

15. Wildlife Safari

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Known to be one of the best parks to spot the majestic Indian Tigers, the park is also the home to several other endangered species.

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary India
  • Jim Corbett


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