Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Monalisa to Get Married in the Show to Beau Vikrant

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Monalisa to get married in Bigg Boss House: Remember Actress Sara Khan who got hitched inside the Bigg Boss house to her beau at that time Ali Merchant? Well, Bigg Boss 10 might remind you of that again because it is now confirmed that Bigg Bogg 10 Contestant and Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa to get hitched with his boyfriend Vikrant inside the house.

Monalisa to get married to boyfriend Vikrant Singh.

It’s really been a fluctuating ride for the 10th season of Reality TV show Bigg Boss. Salman Khan’s hosted show sees many ups and downs and some really morally low things happening in the house. And just when we think it couldn’t gonna get more bizarre, it has now emerged that Bhojpuri actor Monalisa to get married to her long-time boyfriend Vikrant on the show.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Monalisa to Get Married in the Show to Beau Vikrant

Well, contestant throwing his urine at other housemates and two girls having a scuffle were not enough to the viewers that finally something good might come into their way. Bigg Boss is just two weeks away from the finale and Mona’s beau will be going inside the house today to propose to her.

Vikrant is the same man who created the ruckus in the show with questioning Monalisa’s intentions with Manu!

Just for a recall, Bigg Boss fans well remember the ruckus Vikrant created inside the house when he came to visit Mona a few weeks ago, and even threatened her close friend Manu Punjabi to not create a rift between the couple. Manu and Mona grew extremely close on the show, leaving their respective partners insecure.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Monalisa to Get Married in the Show to Beau Vikrant

It is yet to be known if it is the same insecurity that prompted Vikrant to take the step. There are also reports that after Vikrant expressed his wish to marry Mona once she came out of the show, the makers themselves suggested that they should tie the knot inside the house.

An Effort from the makers to boost the ratings of the show?

The makers should obviously be happy about the development as who can forget the wedding of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant on the fifth season of Bigg Boss? The episode raked in high TRPs, something the makers sorely need on Bigg Boss 10.This should really cheer up Mona, who is seen dispirited nowadays for some reason. The wedding might also give a new lease of life to Mona’s stay inside the house as right now she is the weakest link in the game.



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