BMW planning to manufacture Self-driving Cars

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So, this might come out as the greatest news for all the car lovers out there. Now, everyone may have more options when they think about buying self-driven cars.  It’s been a while since Tesla has held all the reigns and monopoly over the segment, but now it seems are going to change for good, with BMW stepping in.

On the morning of 1 July, BMW announced about its planned entry in this segment of self-driving cars, but only by 2021. Yes, it was very clear about taking at least five years to get there. BMW plans to achieve this in collaboration with 2 companies. First, Intel that is supposed to supply BMW with the processing power they need. The second company, Mobileye, supplies a huge portion of automobile industry with sensors and all sorts of driver assistance systems. The announcements were made as a part of BMW’s 100thanniversary.

Attention must be paid however to the word “Fully” in all of BMW’s announcements. Partial automation is available and in fact there are even more advanced systems that are there such as Tesla’s. But by “Fully”, BMW meant something on a different level of complexity and ease to you. Something like in a future world, where you simply call for your car, it comes, you sit in it and simple leave.

This field of self-driven cars is moving forth with a greater pace than we expected it to. And so we must be steady with its fast pace, recalling the recent Tesla tragedy.




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