Fully-Vaccinated People Can Enter Goa Without COVID-Negative Certificate

Posted on by Aakanksha Bharti

The Bombay High Court as per the latest Goa travel advisory enabled fully vaccinated people to enter without a covid negative certificate, regardless of whether they are tourists or not.

Initially, the petition was partially granted by the High Court in mid-July, allowing those who were fully vaccinated to enter the state without having to present a negative certificate. Tourists, on the other hand, were required to present a negative certificate even if they were completely vaccinated. The new order clears the door for the state to extend the exemption to tourists as well.

Details For Fully Vaccinated People:

Children over the age of two must bring a report from an RT PCR test. If a child is under the age of two, an RT PCR report is required. If the child is asymptomatic, no test report is required.

According to the High Court’s rules, a person is fully vaccinated after two weeks following receiving his or her second dose.

The High Court had asked the Goa government in May, when the second wave was at its peak, to require people entering the state to produce a Covid-19 negative certificate issued 72 hours prior. Saying that there was “no justification in the state of Goa not insisting upon a negativity certificate from persons who seek entry into Goa at this crucial juncture.”

Since the pandemic began, Goa has seen 1.74 lakh cases of Covid-19. Approximately 3,198 deaths have been reported when the second wave was at its peak. More than half of them occurred in the months of April and May this year,

Only certain classes of people are permitted to enter the state. These classes include workers in industries, construction labourers, people who enter the State of Goa for the purpose of business and employment. Residents of Goa who have been stranded outside the state due to a pandemic or other such issue; and residents of Goa who have been stranded outside the state due to their work.

Ending Note:

If the government does not take necessary steps, the High Court can look into the matter. It will provide further directions if it so desires. It was done before when some petitions were filed in the beginning. The HC intervened and issued directives that the government could implement.

Those who have not been fully vaccinated must continue to submit negative certificates. They need to follow the same SOPs, according to the order.



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