Gemini Facts, Gemini Quotes That Would Really Relate To Gemini!!

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Gemini Facts: Gemini represents two different sides of a personality and if you get in an argument with a Gemini you will never know which side you are facing the next minute. Although they are very gentle, smart, affectionate personalities. When a Gemini is focused nothing will stand in their way.

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Gemini Facts: Some lesser known facts about Geminis!!

  • Dating a Gemini? Hope you like a challenge.
  • A Gemini is more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people.
  • Know that they have little control over their mouth when upset. They can give someone a verbal beat down.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you catch a Gemini laughing randomly or for no apparent reason.
  • When Gemini gets high the other twin comes out.
  • Gemini wants to have someone to walk by their side, together and equally.
  • They talk their way into getting anything and everything they want.
  • Don’t even think about giving Gemini the silent treatment it kills them.
  • Sometimes they can talk to people all day, and the next day seal themselves off from everyone.
  • Geminis have a habit of annoying people just for the fun of it.
  • When a Gemini loves you they love with all they have.
  • Gemini have a soft heart and are quick to forgive, but they are not stupid.
  • A Gemini has a third eye that can always see what is really going on.
  • Geminis are truly free souls driven by curiosity and a desire to know.
  • They are sensitive but hide it with humor.
  • At first, Gemini will be a shy lover.




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