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Surely we have all heard by now how social media is revolutionising the way that people interact with each other online. Social media, while originally serving as a place for people to keep in touch online, has grown into an online forum for people to share their ideas with the whole world. There is an astoundingly large number of social media users, with the total number of social media accounts combined being more than the number of people living in the world. With this being the case, there are plenty of people who see the opportunity to use social media as a way to promote themselves to a wider audience and make a bigger impact on the world. This is not a simple task, however, as there are millions of people who have thought up similar plans. In order for you to make an impression, you need to generate interst in your profile. 

The desire to pay for interactive social media features

There are now a considerable number of people who have decided to buy real Instagram followers, likes or relevant comments on sites like Insta4likes, as well as other features, as they are aware that this is a guaranteed way to improve the popularity and reach of a social media profile. By purchasing these features, you have more control over them as you can decide when they are added to your profile. This beats having to wait around for them to appear organically. In addition to this, you can also direct the features that are added to specific content in order to increase the attention that the content receives. Once again, this is something you have no control over if you are waiting for other social media users to interact with your profile. The fact that you can control it means you are able to promote specific posts that you feel are worthy of more attention. Depending on the features that you pay for, there are different strategies which can be employed so that you can get the most out of them.

Likes and views

The two easiest features to get, and ones which don’t require too much effort on behalf of the user giving them, are likes and views. There’s nothing complicated about views at all; any time a social media user has a look at a post on your profile, whether it is a photo or a video, this counts as a view. After views, the next social media feature that is important is likes. Likes are received when a social media user wants to state their appreciation for the content that you have posted. This could be because they thought it was funny, they liked the sentiment of the post, they agreed with its message or they simply want to show their support. Whatever the reason may be, a like is positive and gives a nice boost to the social media user who receives it as it is a sign that they are doing something that other people appreciate. When paying for likes and views, it is generally recommended that you add them to posts that you feel deserve more attention or have an important message. The additional interaction will make them more visible through the social media realm.


After likes and views, the next important social media feature is comments. While likes can be used to give a quick indication of appreciation, comments can do the same while offering the opportunity to give a more in-depth explanation of the reason why. Comments can also prove to be a useful feature in another way as the right comment can lead to even more interaction by encouraging people to respond through likes and other comments. Because of this, you may only need to use one paid-for comment per post to get the desired engagement.

Another way that comments can draw more attention to content on your profile is by tagging another user in it. By doing this, the user’s attention is drawn to the post and the account. If this user is unfamiliar with your profile, it is a boost for your interaction and an opportunity to make an impression. Similarly, comments can be used to encourage discussions between the person behind the account and people who are interested in it. A rapport can be built through a friendly back-and-forth for all the world to see. By doing so in public, it establishes that you are open to comments and will engage with people who take the time to post them on your profile.


Finally, we get to followers. Followers are quite possibly the most important social media feature as without them you simply will not get the regular interaction that is required for a successful profile. Followers are social media users who take a keen interest in your account and decide to sign up for regular updates. Because of this, it will be easier for them to interact with your content. In addition, followers regularly engage with the content they come across, either by viewing, liking or commenting on it. This regular interaction is essential and it is far more reliable than the random and unschedule nature of organic interaction. In addition, when adding followers, it is recommended to add a few of them at regular intervals instead of adding them all at once. This gives the appearance of a natural increase in your number of followers.



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