How To Reach The Top Of Search Engine Ranking?

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Search engine optimization is a powerful field which keeps on evolving more and more rapidly with time. These days it is highly valuable to stay flexible enough to keep up with the changes in Google ranking algorithm. 2 years back, updates of algorithms like Possom and Penguin 4.0 initiated a cleaner, more semantic along with a smarter search experience. Here are some Google top search ranking factors you must take under consideration to enhance your search engine optimization performance.

  1. Content Still Rules
  • Quality of Content

The high-quality and ranking article is the one in-depth content which includes a broad spectrum of its relatable subject. The article you post must comprise of real worth to all your readers and should contain interesting visual data to enhance the written material.

Always keep in your mind that quality is always better than quantity. Hence, concentrate on the value rather than the number of words.

  • Length of Content

There is no hard and fast rule about the optimal word count for a particular content as it fluctuates with the subject. But, the articles which are relatively lengthy and comprehensive accomplish the higher rankings by search engines. According to a study by Neil Patel, there is a proportional relation between the top Google search positions and the length of content.

  1. Originality

The algorithm of Google for fresh and unique content is an actual game changer. This algorithm started rising in the mid of 2010, and since then it is strongly impacting the ranking of sites. You can use it either by rewriting those manually or can get them by using a Google mainly prioritize the new content on the old one and ensures that some of the search engine result pages includes the latest date content.

For instance, if you search about best Android televisions, then the first article that would appear will be the latest one. At least 2 out of 5 items will have the most recent date of the content. As compared to the core algorithms of Google updates, freshness algorithms update more quickly.

  1. Incoming Links or Backlinks

Inbound links are one of the powerful rankings signals in Google search engine algorithm. If your site has a massive number of links from superior domains, the number of chances to rank well for dominant keywords get high. Furthermore, internet marketers must give attention to incoming link profiles. The recent updates from Google algorithms such as “Penguin 4.0” filtered and cleared the pages which consisted of low-quality backlink profiles.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Two years back in 2016, Google introduced its new mobile-first indexing. This indicates that the webpage’s adaptability with mobile phones now can directly influence the ranking of the page. If we take a look at years ago, web designers used to develop the desktop versions of sites first and then mobile’s one. However, these days as usage of mobile is higher than the desktop ones so web pages must give priority to mobile versions to give users a good experience.

The new mobile-first approach of Google is changing the search results especially the local ones as visitors see the results which mainly target their on-spot location.

  1. Speed of Page

Along with the above-cited new approach, the page speed of a website is now considered a crucial factor as well. These days if your webpage takes a long time to load then it will face a difficult time to gain a top rank. The objective of Google behind these upgrades is to give visitors the best experience so if you want to achieve a good ranking, then you must improve your webpage speed.

  1. Social Signals and Brand Power

Searches which are branded handover a powerful message to search algorithms of Google. If your webpage gets a high number of traffic through branded searches, then it will get more recognized by the algorithms of Google. Moreover, the social signals from different social sites such as Quora, Facebook, and Pinterest also is connected with the ranking of search engines.

However, you must not think that only a healthy social media appearance can increase the organic traffic on your page. By combining the social signals with the brand, power can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

All these tips can help you get closer to your SEO aim.



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