Is Pesticides consumption harmful to Thyroid?

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26 May 2016: In this Modern era people are bound to consume foods that are highly risk to one’s health that is the inclusive of the pesticides in the organic or non-organic food that are available in the markets nowadays commonly.
The consumption of pesticides can be harmful and can cause a thyroid problem, as quoted by doctors at Endocrine Society of Bengal (ESB) that the exposure to pesticides could act as endocrine disruptors hence leading to Thyroid problems.


Endocrine society of Bengal (ESB) is set to research on the chemicals that are used for various purposes for thyroid related ailments.Thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body and consists of two connected lobes. It is found in the interior neck. It controls the rate use of energy, protein synthesis and controls the body’s sensitivity to the other hormones.

In today’s world there is nothing that is not utilized with the pesticides in order to keep the organic or non-organic food for longer period. The pesticides are used for the sake of killing the insects and to keep the food fresh for intake. Consuming chemicals can be a high risk to our health and a huge role in problems.Pesticides are recognized as one of the dangerous effects in humans, yet there has been no record of studies in India that create the connection between a thyroid patient and exposure to the toxin.

Nowadays, it is common that most of the people keep their health priority and diet to stay fit and healthy. So, it is well known that every diet begins with fruits and vegetables and we are not aware that the food we are consuming may contain several amounts harmful of pesticides.

The farmers spray artificial pesticides in the crops in order to kill the weeds and insects to grow the crops with healthy fruits. The plants absorb the pesticides as they grow and it lingers on the skin even after washing the fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury, president of ESB and Endocrinology said on Wednesday, “We will look into the prevalence of thyroid problems at the community level. We will research the history of possible exposure of farmers to pesticides and those in the saree industry to chemicals. If initial findings suggests a link to pesticides and chemicals with thyroid, our next step will be to actually assess how pollutants pose a risk for thyroid”.

On observing world Thyroid Day on 25th May, 2016, the project was bannered on Wednesday and several doctors screened patients on thyroid related ailments at Rajbalhat in Hooghly. The research group will include farmers from the region and weavers from Dhonekhali to exposed pesticides and chemical dyes, according to the reports.

Dr. Sujoy Ghosh from SSKM Hospital is a part of the study with thyroid related ailments said that, “We also need to find out if other endocrine disruptors trigger imbalance in the hormone, as it is well known that Iodine deficiency and auto immune conditions cause to thyroid problems, we hope this study will throw some light on this”.

Thyroid Problems

To keep healthy apart to this serious problems of thyroid-related has to be aware of the harmful effects of pesticides that contain in every single food we consume and avoid toxic exposure, no matter there is no way to stop this issues as it would be a huge lose for the business as a whole. However, the research team has already set study for the prevalence of thyroid related ailments and will be soon updated.



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