Latest Future Smart Phone Technologies: Li-Fi, USB Type-C, Augmented Reality

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Latest Future Smart Phone Technologies: Li-Fi, USB Type-C, Augmented Reality:- Today, the smart phones have become an important part of our life. They have made our life easy and happening. The mobile phone not only provides a two way communication but many amazing benefits also. The smart phones as the name says has made our lives totally smart and convenient.  The smart phones are like mini computers that fit in our pocket and are capable of doing almost all the tasks that a computer does for us.

Today’s smart phones are embedded with latest new great features such as high pixel camera to save your precious moments, one can share videos, songs, pictures or any other file with others, and the most important it keeps us connected all the time with our closed ones. From the day one, when the smart phones have entered in the mobile world, they are updating day by day with great new looks and excellent features with the topmost priority to satisfy the needs of the users and make their lives more easy and convenient.

Here’s I am going to share with you some latest upcoming smart phone technologies that you will be enjoying in the future. Read the entire post and know about these amazing new upcoming technologies.


Latest  future Smart Phone Technologies

The smart phones developers are always trying to do something new and innovative to give the best mobile devices to their users. Some of the latest smart phone future technologies are as follows-


Li-Fi is known as Light Fidelity which is the next upcoming generation in wireless communication technology. It will be hundred times faster than Wi-Fi, having speed of up to 224 gigabits per second. It is an optical wireless communication based on infra-red and ultra-violet waves to fetch data, carrying more data radio frequency waves. The Li-Fi uses computer-controlled LED bulb that act as wireless routers.


USB Type-C or USB-C

It is an upcoming standard that will replace the old one, although many companies have adopted this new standard like Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook Air, OnePlus 3 and LeEco’s Le Max 2. The USB Type-C will replace the standard 3.5mm jacks and microUSB port that we see in the current generation of smart phones. It is faster than the USB B standard that we are currently using. It is atleast 50% faster than USB Type B having speed of up to 10Gbps.


Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality is a new technology that provides great amazing ways of interacting with the real world that surrounds you. Everyone might have experience this amazing technology, yes, you are right I am taking about the newly released Pokemon Go game that is based on this latest awesome technology. The game is liked by everyone and has gained huge popularity from the day one it has released. The AR uses a phone’s camera to adopt the surrounding environment and superimpose the things and objects on the phone’s screen.


Samsung UFS

According to the Korean manufacturer, their first range of memory cards that are based on new JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 1.0 Card Extension Standard are on the way. The read and write speed of these latest UFS’s are faster by 20 and 350 times as compared to the microSDs. They will provide multiple amazing features including 4K movie playback, high-end/3D gaming and read speeds of 530 Mbps.


Iris Scanning

This is an another latest upcoming technology that will be more accurate and secure than a fingerprint scanner. The Iris scanning will allow you to scan your iris, to unlock your smart phone, to make an online payment, etc.


This article is telling you about, “Latest future smart phone technologies” that will bring great new features with it. Hope so you enjoyed this post, share it through Facebook, Hike, Stumble Upon, WeChat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Stay tuned with us for latest technologies updates!!!!!




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  1. Patrica Johnsom August 3, 2016 at 11:25 am - Reply

    I think all technologies are quite impressive. AR, new flash storage, iris and LiFi. It’s true that we need some advanced technology that it should better then previous. Like flash storage will have more reading speed for now a day SD cards, AR are awesome we all know. Iris scanner is impressive new privacy method and LiFi, a new and better NFC mean, really? Of course , it is we know it achieved 224 Gbps speed which i sway more than the a high WiFi network. but LiFi is better than WiFi? It better than WiFi but in some aspects. cause, it has some issues.
    Like LiFi can’t impregnable through the walls so can’t provide internet like WiFi. It always need a light source even in daytime. And it also has interference with other light source and some more. If researchers remove this issue that would be indeed a fine mean for NFC.

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