Which marketing techniques are likely to benefit your manufacturing business?

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

There are dozens of marketing techniques used by businesses all over the world. However, some are just a waste of time or don’t work half as well as you could hope for. When you are a manufacturing business, you want the most profit from your customers and a relatively low budget for marketing so that you can keep your business ticking over.

Start by running effective campaigns

The first way you can try and achieve this is by running effective advertising campaigns (paid or otherwise). Central to this will be making sure that you have a great ‘selling point’ for your business, which can be crucial for both bringing in new customers and making the most out of what you already have to hand. 

For example, one of your unique selling points (also known as a USP) can be being more eco-friendly than your competition. You can do this by looking into baling services or by getting your own bailer, as well as wire from reliable companies such as Baling Wire Direct. You can use these to compress recyclable materials into a bale and sell it to recycling companies to take away and make more goods out of it. 

Announcing this on your website or as part of your advertising campaign can appeal to potentially younger audiences who might have a keen interest in the climate crisis. It can also be one of your driving points for social media posts, which can be great publicity.

Don’t forget the benefits of social media 

As touched briefly upon above, social media is vital to market your business. Whether you are directly promoting your business or trying to do it in a slightly more covert manner, you might find that you are potentially opening doors to a huge audience. By also using social media influencer marketing to promote the products you produce, you could be able to directly market your business to a group of consumers who actively take an interest in what you produce. This can help market your business far more accurately to the right people, whether a retailer who might stock your product or the end-users. 

Alongside this, you can also jump on trends and hashtags across multiple platforms to make the most out of your work, and all of this can really help increase your online presence. Clearly, this can be incredibly useful if your business needs an extra marketing boost and can be an important way to be seen by more people.

Value your returning customers with loyalty programs 

When it comes to loyalty programs, you want to sell to those you already have established trust with. This can be done with your end-users through emails, newsletters, loyalty points, and member-only discounts. This can encourage your existing customers to come back for more and remain in your sales funnel cycle

Returning customers are very important and could potentially save you should your business go through a rough patch and you don’t have the funds to rustle up any new business. These long-term customers are, in many ways, more crucial to a manufacturing company than in any other business type, so they are worth going the extra mile to get, and most importantly, to keep. 



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