Maruti Suzuki extracts association to develop electric vehicles

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Maruti Suzuki  has planned to extract from an Indian group that was build six electric and hybrid vehicles, referring “Personal plans” of its parent Suzuki Motor Corp, four people, including two who are directly involved in this matter said.

It shows that the so-called project xEV, which was specifically supported by the government of India, is likely to be a failure although some members of the consortium said that group will be rebuilt.

Maruti Suzuki extracts association to develop electric vehicles

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota plans to make car together

There is some news coming out that soon the Japanese carmakers Toyota Motor Corp. and Suzuki Motor are going to explore some forms of collaboration along with costs to make cars safer and cleaner. They can soon announce their collaboration of working.

Interestingly, both have started examining opportunities to collaborate on research and development, they said in a joint statement on13 October.

Maruti Suzuki extracts association to develop electric vehicles

We need a lot of  technical manpower to support xEV, says official

“ During the initial discussion, Suzuki wanted a majority of research work to happen in Japan and another member of the group did not agree to it,” said a person direct involved in this matter. “Shortly, Suzuki referred their personal plans in this space, forcing Maruti to pull out of the consortium,” person said.

A Maruti Suzuki executive, who spoke on condition not to mention his name, said with changing requirements around safety and emission normal, the firm does not have enough engineering and research manpower to devote project xEV

“There is a lot of collaboration happening between India and Japan in the area of hybrids, cleaner fuel, etc, and we seem it as unfavorable to invest in the group,” person said. But it is in doubt that the people from Maruti will be involved in the Suzuki-Toyota partnership.

According to Mint report Maruti Suzuki Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Ford India Pvt. Ltd, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd and Tata Motors Ltd had created an association that will help expand a supplier base for critical hybrid and electric vehicle components.



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