RBI Employees’ Union pens down its pain and unease at the hands of Union in letter to Urjit Patel

Posted on by Ankita Sharma

RBI Employees Union wrote to Urjit Patel on Friday, complaining of the constant intrusion by the central government into the operational management of the apex bank. They said that they have been feeling humiliated by the grilling and constant queries ever since the demonetisation policy has been implemented.

RBI Employees Union writes to Urjit Patel, requests him to act urgently to provide relief to aggrieved employees

RBI Employees' Union pens down its pain and unease at the hands of FinMin in letter to Urjit Patel

They went on and said that the image and credibility of the apex bank have been so damaged over these past few months that it has been “dented beyond repair”. They said that the termed appointment of the senior Finance ministry official led to the “blatant encroachment” in its currency management task.

“An image of efficiency and independence that RBI assiduously built up over decades by the strenuous efforts of its staff and judicious policy making has gone into smithereens in no time. We feel extremely pained”, the letter addressed to Urjit Patel by the United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees mentioned.

The union further complained about the restricted autonomy led by the interference by the Finance Ministry into its functions. “May we request that as the governor of RBI, its highest functionary and protector of its autonomy and prestige, you will please do the needful urgently to do away with this unwarranted interference from the ministry of finance, and assure the staff accordingly, as the staff feel humiliated”, it said.

In the letter, the employees requested Patel to take an immediate action to mend the situation and bring the operational management and administration of the functions of the Reserve Bank of India back to normal.



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