Swami Om Bigg Boss 10: Highlights of his Idiotic acts in Bigg Boss House!!

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Swami Om Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om has always found some or the other way to trouble the housemates. During the captaincy task once again he does something which completely shocks them in the Bigg Boss house. The housemates unable to bear this kind of nuisance any more take a very strict stand against Swami Om.

The captaincy task was between Bani J and Swami Om, the two had to make their individual pyramid and the housemates were given an option to support the one they want to see as the next captain of the house. Most of the housemates decided to support Bani and were seen making efforts to fall Swami Om’s pyramid.

This left Swami agitated and in order to stop the housemates he threw his pee on Bani and Rohan. Bani lost her cool and kicked Swami. Rohan also wanted to slap Swami, but he controlled himself. All the other inmates defended Bani and stood by her. They all demanded strict action against Swami.

Swami Om Bigg Boss 10: Got all The Attention For his baseless Stories and Idiotic acts!!

1. In the very first episode, he said he had kicked the International Celebrity Elizabeth Taylor on her backside since she was scantily clad.
2. Swamiji claims that doctors tell him that when he was born, he did not cry but spoke. Yes, you heard that right! The other contestants were as much surprised to hear that. Swamiji claims he talked right after his birth.
 3. In the starting episodes, Om Swami narrated his story of “rebirth” or near death experience.“When I was shot in my head and I was in the ICU, I was declared dead by the doctors. When I left my body, I was observing everyone from above. My soul could even see my dead body. I could see who all are in the operation theatre and what they are talking about. I even heard doctors declaring me dead. I also saw my people weeping outside,” said Swami.

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4. Swami Om commented on Bani’s mother saying, “Agar tum aisa karogi tumhari Maa mar jayegi”. All hell broke loose as she got into a heated argument with Om Swami saying that, “How dare you pass you such comments about my mother”. The fight got quite intense.

5. Om Swami made false comments about Nitibha, tells other housemates that she is like “Keechad” and Bani should stay away from her.

6. In a task, where Rohan and Lopamudra had to play boyfriend and girlfriend, Swami Om gets aggresive when he gets to know about the hidden letters in the washroom. Swami had almost broke the door in that task.

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7. During the Igloo task, he first claimed that he will sit at the for next 7 days and will neither eat nor use washroom. As others tried to calm him down, he got up and removed his pants before the housemates.

 8. In the recent episode, Om stooped to a new low, when he threw his urine on Rohan and Bani.


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