Tesla and Mobileye, disagreement on emergency braking

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The recent car crash of Tesla Model S, self-driven car reminds us that no matter how “safe” and dependent we get on our technology, we must keep an eye open to check for accidents that may happen. That accident cost one life.

On the accident, post some investigation, Tesla has come out with some information on it to share with the rest of the world.  Tesla said that its car activates automatic emergency braking when the ground plane path of the car is interrupted.

While Tesla’s statement points in the direction that the automatic emergency braking systems should respond to any vehicle that turns in front of its car, Mobileye has a different say on it. Mobileye is the supplier of a few pieces of technology used in Model S.

According to them, their automatic emergency braking systems were not meant to respond to and recognize any sort of such thing. It will only be able to do so by 2018.

Mobileye has eventually turned out as the chief suppliers of sensors and other driving assistance technology and is already one of the chief suppliers in the field. Apart from this, Mobileye had no additional comment on the story.

The investigation of the Florida crash is still in progress and what has come in new is the driver may have been busy watching Harry Potter when the accident happened. Tesla has time again reminded everyone to remain attentive while on autopilot, but people somehow tend to ignore it. Action will be taken against the truck driver too.



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  1. Rohan Debbarma September 1, 2016 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    The case in which the driver or the person who was driving the car met with an accident because of lack of attention. The driver switched ON the auto pilot mode and he was watching ‘Harry Potter’ as claimed. So it’s just carelessness on his part. The engine and the company which supplied the parts for the car is good enough for which the sale went and reached on to the local masses. Kudos to them!

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