Villanova Wins NCBA 2016: Star Player Kris Jenkins Thank His Mom

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Houston April 5: Villanova has become the champion of the NCAA men’s basketball championship game where the game winner Kris Jenkins is praise and became the hero of the match. In the morning Tv show, Kris Jenkins has attended the morning News- Good Morning America,where he thank his mother for the skills he had which were technically taught by his mother.

In the news, Kris said the people that it was his mom responsible for such game winning shots. He also said that his mother starts teaching him the game when he was young and even till now she use to coach him on his shoots.

Kris has also praised the opponent team, North Carolina, where Marcus Paige and teams have some great moves in the first half while in the other half the favours to the Villanova, Kris added.

He also praised the good game strategy that they had, where Ryan is the man of the shot taker in the pressurized match while at the last moment in the game, Ryan passes the ball in His hand for the shoot. Hence with such great moves, Villanova had finally had a great shot to win the match with the score 77-74 last night.

With the win, this is another victory since the last match was won at 1985 and after more than 30 years later this is a historic win to the team.

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