Watch: Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft poised for bold mission to dive between Saturn’s rings

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft is due to descend between Saturn and its rings as it embarks on its final journey.

The self-manned spacecraft will dip in between the planet’s rings 22 times until the autumn when it will burn up in the planet’s atmosphere.

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft mission to dive between Saturn's rings

Despite providing us with valuable information, the spacecraft will soon be destroyed as it is running out of fuel.

Before it is destroyed, it will give us pictures of and information about Saturn’s rings we have never seen before


They are crashing the spacecraft very carefully, so as not to make it crush into the moons which may harbour life.

Some stunning information Cassini has given scientists includes details about possible life on Saturn’s moons.

Two of the moons have liquid on them, and Cassini has flown through plumes of liquid from one of these moons, sensing hydrothermal currents which indicate possible alien life.

Cassini is currently undertaking its first dive – and pictures and information from this dive will be available on Thursday morning.

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