What Do Employers Want from BBA Management Graduates?

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Businesses around the world have high expectations when investing in hiring BBA management graduates. Since the business world is expanding, companies are expecting more from fresh graduates and expect them to have a lot more skills than what they are taught during the BBA course.

The present job market is highly competitive, and recruiters look for candidates who meet their demands. So, students must have more potential and abilities to land themselves a job. From working well in a team to taking quick decisions – BBA management graduates must do it all. There is a specific skill set that employers look for in the candidates during the hiring process. These employable skills open up multiple avenues for BBA graduates. Let’s take a look at what employers want from BBA graduates.

  1. Ability to Communicate Effortlessly

Communication should be natural. Prospective employees must be able to communicate effortlessly with people inside and outside the organisation. Also, not just verbal communication, but a BBA graduate must have proficient writing and listening skills too. Employers consider communication as the most vital skill when they hire fresh graduates. Hence, the art of communicating effortlessly is important, and BBA management graduates must convey their thoughts seamlessly.

2. Teamwork and Ability to Adapt to New Situations

BBA management graduates who are mentally agile and flexible are always the frontrunners in the eyes of employers. No matter the organisation, employees will always be a part of a team – hence the need to adapt to different situations.

Working according to the need of the team is vital for the success of a project. Even though individual performance is required, the ability to work seamlessly with other employees is crucial to success. Adaptability is a dynamic that all employers value in graduates. Since the working environment is different from that of a university, the ability to adapt to new situations is highly valued.  

3. Ability to Solve Problems – Strategic Thinking

Employers need graduates who can think strategically, demonstrate business acumen and solve problems. BBA management students need to develop emotional intelligence and think rationally towards finding solutions.

Solving problems require candidates to demonstrate identification of the problem and then chalking out the best solution. Analyse both primary and secondary data, work swiftly and find solutions to problems in the quickest way possible. During the course of study, students who have had on-hands industrial experience will be better able to demonstrate these skills. It is among the essential skills for employers.

4. Ability to Prioritize – Time Management

Time management is among the top skills that employers look for in BBA management students during recruitment. Since every business works round the clock, prospective candidates must have excellent time management skills.

The curriculum of BBA is designed in a way that students have to schedule their everyday activities round the clock to get through the course. Apart from that, industrial visits and guest lectures during the course help students to gain valuable insights. Recruiters look for students who can adapt, are efficient and can be a productive asset for the organisation. They also need graduates who can plan and execute accordingly.

Miscellaneous Skills

Some other skills are increasingly getting on top of employers list.

  • Networking
  • Problem-solving
  • Knowing the digital aspect of the business
  • Ability to convince others and demonstrate clearly

So, What Did We Learn Today?

Employers around the world look for candidates who can demonstrate the four skills mentioned above. BBA management students can demonstrate these skills through their resume, cover letter and in the interview. Mention internships and even handling university events and festivals during the interview as they leave a better impression on the employer.

Demonstrating skills, being confident and understanding of the business world helps in getting selected for a job. Universities like UPES have industry-aligned BBA course curriculum that allows students to get real-time hands-on training and prepare better for their future careers.



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