What makes parenting so hard

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Many people think that parenting is simply about bringing a child into the world and you are done. But, most of the time this is never the case and that’s when you realize that some of the myths about parenting are quite different from reality. Parenting comes with challenges from sleep deprivation to catering to your kid’s needs to never having time for yourself. If you lack proper guidance and are not careful about how you approach parenting, it can be stressful and overwhelming.

Parenting has a way of changing you and revealing a side of you that you never thought existed. If not careful, some of the changes can raise emotions like rage and even crying. With the current trend and access to social media among many others, the daily job of handling a child can be overwhelming. Without guidance and proper training, you can find yourself reaching your last limit. You can get help from qualified caregivers, childcarers and psychologists and organizations like parentcenternetwork.org to ensure that you get tested products reviewed by other parents and peers, so that you are never under-equipped due to lacking what’s essential in becoming great at parenting. Here’s what makes parenting so hard.

Coping with change

Most parents have set plans and already envisioned how they want their kids to grow. But, your infant baby might not grow as you imagined and these unforeseen changes can be disappointing. Many circumstances that are beyond your control can happen that can affect both you as well as your kids. Some of them can even make you wonder whether that’s your child, especially during tough moments due to sickness or when they throw tantrums. But, you shouldn’t react like you failed. Instead, support them however you can.


If you are a mum, caring for your child becomes your full-time job. Parenting your kid will never stop and this can lead to exhaustion, mostly if your kid never sleeps and you are awake most of the time. This is because your body will not be able to function normally without sleep. Try and sleep whenever you can. Someday you will be able to get your sweet undisturbed sleep.

High costs

Along with the high cost of living which keeps on rising, parenting also leads to a higher cost. Many things are expensive like the cost of gas to the price of owning a home. From the high cost of childcare to finding affordable childcare, this can stress you out. With an extra mouth to feed you need to plan your expenses well and get ready to set a budget.

High expectations

The society is full of people watching you from the moment you announce your pregnancy to the moment your kid is born. You will be judged by many people from your parents, friends, in-laws, siblings and everyone else around you. You will be forced to decide between perfection and failure when it comes to parenting which is difficult to achieve. Simply stay real and learn to ignore that which you have no control over.

Many things can make your parenting journey difficult. But, even with all this happening and today’s life choices that can make making decisions harder for you, you can still move forward and bring up a great kid. You just need to put more effort into how you raise, feed, educate your kids and ensure that you are always trying to do what’s best for their kids. 



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