Why You May Need Legal Representation After a Motorcycle Accident

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

A motorcycle accident leaves you with injuries needing medical treatment. After this kind of accident, insurance companies often attempt a quick settlement without concern for your interests. A motorcycle accident lawyer, on the other hand, is qualified to defend your rights and ensure you’re given the compensation you deserve.

It isn’t a secret that motorcycle insurance firms often offer a far lower settlement than you would get if you had an attorney in your corner. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a legal process that should be adhered to when seeking compensation for a motorcycle accident. 

Why Use a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While a motorcycle insurance company may attempt a quick settlement, a motorcycle lawyer is looking for maximum results for their clients. An insurance company employs various strategies to minimize payouts for injury claims. You may even find your claim denied if you aren’t careful about what documentation and information you sign.

The ways that an insurance company might try to back off from meeting your settlement in full include persuading you that an attorney’s guidance is unnecessary in the claims process, making a low offer, attempting to hold you responsible, proving your injuries weren’t as a result of the accident, and minimizing the seriousness of your injuries.

You need to defend your rights in this kind of accident. A motorcycle accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance company so you’re paid out what you deserve. They will also make sure that you’ve cleared your medical bills and that you’ve received adequate compensation for issues like loss of income.

When to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Time moves quickly in a legal case. You’ll need an attorney as soon as possible after the accident has occurred in order to get a higher chance of being compensated for suffering, pain, and damages related to it. You’ll also need all relevant evidence at the scene of an accident. You can collect this by taking videos and photos of the scene. You may also be able to use bystanders as potential witnesses later on.

Working out Your Compensation

The compensation after a motorcycle accident can take various forms, depending on what damages were incurred. You should receive compensation for all of your medical expenses, which include those incurred in the past and present, as well as future treatments. Any lost earnings or reduced income earning capacity, funeral expenses, modifications to accommodate disabilities, and such intangible losses as a loss of companionship. An attorney will help you work out the total cost to you caused by the damage. This is important, as it’s a benchmark to ensure the insurance company compensates you like they should. 


A motorcycle accident is daunting to both the victims and their family members and friends. If you find yourself the victim of one, you should get in touch with an attorney. They will help defend your interests and rights, as well as ensure you get correctly compensated.



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