Why You Should Buy Synthetic Urine

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Previously, nobody believed in the replication or production of natural compounds in the lab. However, a lab mistake in 1988 by Frederick Wohler proved that wrong. An error, as he was synthesizing ammonium cyanate ended up becoming synthetic urine. This groundbreaking discovery has since been adopted by many, and behind it is a thriving fake pee marketplace. You might wonder, why does one need to buy fake urine when everyone literary pees all the time throughout the day?

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  1. Pass a Mandatory Drug Test

We all have skeletons we would rather not let out of the closet. For some, they involve drug abuse or the consumption of prohibited substances. This would have severe consequences that you would rather avoid. A positive drug test would mean the end of careers through termination, expulsion, or even suspension. In such a make or break situation, a fake urine drug test would help you avert trouble. The fake urine carries all the constituents of real urine that makes it hard for lab techs to detect. Nonetheless, this is only a short-term solution if you have an addiction problem. The effects will eventually show, and you might not evade the consequences after all.

2) Product Testing

If you produce or sell urine related products such as diapers, cleaning agents, urinalysis equipment, urine bags, or Mackintosh’s, you need urine to test them. The tests help you determine the quality and effectiveness of the products. The marketers can also use the pee for demonstration purposes to sway potential customers their way.

3) Equipment Calibration

Before using equipment meant for urine testing, you need to standardize them. The most neutral urine to use is the synthesized type since it is more stable than that of humans. This helps them provide correct readings and offer quality results. It also saves you from costly last suits for selling ineffective products that fail to meet market standards.

4) Sexual Expeditions

If you have a fetish to urinate or have your partners urinate on you during sex, then fake pee is for you. Get a whizzing kit, strap it, and tie it around your waste. It acts as a fake penis, and you can empty the fluid and act as if you peed. The pee is more hygienic as it lacks infections and bacteria.

5) Urine Therapy

People believe urine has healing properties, and if you belong to this category, get fake pee. Pee is believed to reduce stings, bites, and inflammation pain once applied. It is used for cosmetic purposes, such as applying it to the skin to reduce wrinkles and achieve a glow. Some people also believe drinking pee for bed-wetters helps tone down the condition. You can try it if you wet the bed. Its safety assurances make it a better option than human pee.

6) Research

In school labs and research centers, many urine tests are conducted. It can be hard to acquire enough human urine for these tests, and the next best option becomes fake urine. You can quickly get it in large amounts and at your convenience. Additionally, it has a longer shelf life that makes it an ideal option to invest in.



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