A 16 Year Old Teen Killed 9 Year Old; Chopped Body in 6, Eats the Heart and Drinks Blood

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A heinous and rarest of the crimes has shocked the nation and that happened in the Punjab. A 16 year old boy from Ludhiana has been detained for killing a nine-year-old boy, chopping his body into six pieces, eating the flesh(including the heart) and drinking the blood either.

Deepu Kumar, the victim boy, had gone missing on Monday. The parents complained to the police about the missing boy, following which the beheaded body of the boy was found the next day, dumped in a vacant plot in the city’s Dugri area.

Here’s the Tweet by ANI informing about the news story:

Both the accused and the victim are children of migrant labourers living in the same lane. Police said that after killing the boy, the accused, who is a class VIII student, came home and behaved normally.

The case was cracked after police examined CCTV footage from the area and saw Deepu with the teenager. Police then detained the accused, who later confessed to killing the boy and also eating the boy’s flesh.

A 16 Year Old Teen Killed 9 Year Old; Chopped Body in 6, Eats the Heart and Drinks Blood

How the Accused killed the boy and dumped the body?

The boy told police that he took Deepu home on the pretext of giving him some kite string. He first strangled Deepu and then cut him into pieces with a sharp gardening tool inside the bathroom after removing his clothes. Later, he put the body parts in polybags and carried them on his bicycle to dump them.

He extracted the boy’s heart and threw it in his school campus. He said he hated his teachers and wanted the school to get a bad name. Police recovered the heart under a water tank.

Deputy commissioner of police Bhupinder Singh said, “This is a case of cannibalism as the boy craves for human flesh. He told us that he would often want to eat raw chicken. At times he even craved to eat his own limbs, he said.”



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