5 Tips for Tackling the Toughest Workplace Conflicts

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

Every employee out there has a unique set of ideals, attitudes and believes, which may differ from that of their colleagues. In certain situations, these differences can lead to a huge number of conflicts within the company during work hours.

5 Tips for Tackling the Toughest Workplace Conflicts

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  1. Tackle the Problem After Everyone Calms Down

When you’re working on a group project and someone isn’t pulling their own weight, you need to discuss the situation before the conflict erupts. You have to make an effort to address the situation before everyone starts shouting and it turns into a much bigger problem. However, make sure to wait until things have calmed down. If any member of your team is angry, you won’t have normal discussion.

  2. Try to Maintain a Positive Outlook on Things

If someone is always taking credit for the ideas you’ve came up with – which regularly occurs in a highly competitive environment – rather than accusing the directly and angrily, air out your complaints calmly. You need to keep an open mind at all times, so you shouldn’t assume this person will be unreceptive to your claims and concerns.

 3. Make an Effort to be an Active Listener

If you really feel like you deserve a promotion and you want to approach your manager about it, you shouldn’t just start firing off your concerns. Here the manager out – pay attention to everything they are talking, ask some questions and try to understand their perspective. Remember, you’re not trying to win an argument, you’re trying to find some common ground and come to a resolution of the situation,

 4. Ask the Other Person for Suggestions

Now, if the coworker in the cubicle next to your is really doing something that irritates, you shouldn’t tell them off. You need to address the problem when both of you are completely relaxed. You should think about a few ways you can approach the person, and try to be open about new ideas. Only agree on a solution when both of you are satisfied with it.

5. Organize a Staff Meeting When Needed

When you’re annoyed by some actions by a particular coworker who seems practically incapable of acting properly in the office, the best solution is to schedule a staff meeting and try to discuss the situation. However, you have to be open to the possibility that your coworker’s perception of the situation isn’t similar to yours.

The Bottom Line

Every workplace conflict actually provides an opportunity for personal growth. This means workers need to reflect on everything and make the necessary adjustments after a conflict occurs. Conflicts provide an opportunity to clarify your interests and a chance to understand someone else’s perspective.

If the workers react properly, an uncomfortable situation may strengthen their bond and allow them to find new ways forward. Growing from these experiences allows employees to face new difficulties with more ease and effectiveness. Everyone needs to learn from their mistakes and grow as a human.



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