Here’s How KENT ALPS Helped Me Tackle The Changing

Posted on by Chandan Sanwal

How KENT ALPS Helped Me Tackle The Changing

The quality of air today is getting worse, as many as 2.5 million people in India died because of pollution, a figure which is highest in the world, according to The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. The changing weather conditions have also contributed to this state of pollution in India. Weather can have direct effects on air quality at a given location. For instance,

  • Sunshine makes some pollutants undergo chemical reactions, which produces smog
  • Rain washes out water-soluble contaminants
  • Higher air temperatures act as the catalyst to speed up chemical reactions in the air
  • Wind speed and atmospheric turbulence affect the dispersal and dilution of pollutants

When Smog spread everywhere and made our lives miserable, I was facing the same concern. Back of my mind I always had this worry about the changing seasons and how this is going to affect our future. Everyone is inhaling the poisonous air outside, including my children. I had to take some precautions. Although I cannot change the air quality outside, I can definitely control the indoor air quality. Taking this clue, I did my own research to know the best savior options. That’s when I came to know about KENT Alps Air Purifier. Reading the reviews and specifications, I decided to buy air purifier online. I admit I had my own doubts before using it, but

Yes, using KENT air purifier is an efficient way to protect your health, especially in these changing seasons. Based on my personal experience, I have listed the amazing benefits of KENT Alps purifier that made proofing the house easy for me against the absurd weather changes. Read on to know the benefits and features.

Equipped with Three-Staged Filtration Process

KENT Alps Air Purifier is equipped with three filters for efficiently removing air pollutants thus, making the indoor environment healthy for breathing. When you actually buy air purifier online and start using it, you will notice how this filtration is absolutely essential for your sturdy health. The Primary Filter removes the large particles, Activated Carbon Filter removes any smell or odour, whereas the Antibacterial HEPA Filter catches various carcinogenic particles.

Anti-bacterial HEPA Technology… Helps Remove 99% of Pollutants!

KENT Alps being designed with Japan’s HEPA technology, effectively removes up to 99% of particles from the air. HEPA is a proven technology when it comes to removing hazardous pollutants and making it suitable to breathe indoors. KENT Alps employs its three-stage mechanism of ‘Impact, Interception and Diffusion’ to trap pollutants which are larger than 0.3 microns. These pollutants include tobacco smoke, pollens, dust mites, and other irritants.

Inbuilt Ionizer… Maintains the Air Quality

KENT Alps comes with an inbuilt ionizer which releases negative ions forcing the pollutants to stick on the walls of the room to improve the air quality while freshening up the room. At the same time, it also traps pollutants on its electrically charged collection plate. This maintains the air quality.

Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring…Constantly Monitors!

It is essential to know the air quality indoors all the time. And KENT Alps exactly does the same with its intelligent air monitoring system. It has an LED display and an inbuilt sensor to display the air quality inside your home. Following are the indications:

  • Blue for excellent quality
  • Pink for good quality
  • Red for poor quality

Apart from the health-related features, the intuitive design of KENT Alps, including its pedestal mode of installation, makes the operation user-friendly. KENT Alps comes with a one-touch child lock to protect kids from fiddling with the product. Coupled with the timer function and three different speed levels, the whole operations become effortless.

Some Final Words

This is how KENT Alps has been making our lives better. Now, I am least concerned about the air quality home. I must agree that the product is not only health-friendly but also user-friendly. So, if you want to secure the health of your family, get yourself KENT Alps air purifier and be rest assured!



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