7 Epic Business Writing Books for Freelance Writers

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What types of business writing books are you reading to improve your freelance writing skills and to help you keep up with the latest trends in your industry? As a freelance writer in the business writing industry, you need to continually hone your writing skills to enable you to stay atop of your business and land more freelance writing clients.

One of the excellent ways to boost your authorship is to read the best books in your line of business, and in your case, you have to read the best business writing books for freelance writers.

Epic Business Writing Books

In consequence, we have compiled a list of the seven best books every freelance writer must read to help you write better business materials.

1: Why Business People Speak Like Idiot: A Bullfighter’s Guide

This book, written by Brian Fugere is an excellent material that will assist you in understanding your writing better. The book has four into four segments with interesting topics, ranging from “The Fog of Business and The Smartest People Use The Dumbest Words, to An Actuary Guide to Storytelling and The Substance of Style.”

The book will enable you to grasp whether your writing style –  how you are writing or outlining your materials, such as a business report, presentations, or memos will connect best with your target market.

2: How to Effectively  Communicate in Business – by Kenneth Roman & Joel Raphaelson

This masterpiece is a classic guide book for freelance writers that will aid you to convey your ideas effectively and concisely better.

The book is a remarkable tool not only for freelance writers but also for professionals – business executives, managers, etc., of all levels. It will help them to take better business writing approach because the book contains pieces of information, counsel, and recommendations on all areas of business writing, including tips and tricks on how to use words that will not undermine the impact your message.

3: On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing  – William Zinsser

The book, “On Writing Well” was written by William Zinsser. It is a guide book written in clear and easy to understand style for both aspiring and seasoned writers. Interestingly, “The Classic Guide to Writing” is packed with practical guidance for every writer.

It doesn’t matter what you want to write; William’s book gives you the basic rules and insight to create amazing pieces. The book is a valuable resource for freelance writers because it will help you know how to improve your writing.

4: The Copywriter’s Handbook – by Robert Bly

Several seasoned freelance writers will attest the uniqueness of Robert’s book. It helps to straighten you up as a beginner freelance copywriter. Although it took me a long time to complete the reading due to other personal matters, it is one of the best business writing books in the marketplace in terms of copywriting.

Copywriting is an area of business writing that is very lucrative, and to become a successful copywriter, you must know pretty well how to sell with the written word, such as crafting email copy, sales pages, and so forth. You need to master this part of business writing because you are not only going to sell your clients’ products or services, you have to sell your brand to prospects as well.

Therefore, in whatever way you look at it, you realize that you have to learn and master the art of copywriting.

5: Starting Your Career As a Freelance Writer (Second Edition – by Moira Anderson Allen

Moira Allen’s book will enable you to set yourself up as a successful business writing freelance writer. Her book clarifies the strategies of becoming an established business writer.

Strangely enough, the book has new sections that cover different writing difficulties in the marketplace. The added parts will further boost your writing skills in the following areas:

  • Copy-editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Technical writing
  • Speech-writing
  • And how to write for international markets.

These new sections will give you guidance on many writing possibilities.

6: Creative Confidence – by Tom Kelley & David Kelley

Writing is a creative art and one that is required by all writers irrespective of your field. It is one of the best attributes every writer must possess fora successful writing career. However, you have to learn to master the art, that is why you must read Tom and David’s book to help you hone your creative skills.

The book will enable you to comprehend the principles and tactics you must apply in your business writing to become creatively confident in your writing. In simple words, the author of several best-selling books and “Silicon Valley” venture capitalist said:

7: Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $100,000 a Year or More – by Robert W. Bly

This book is the third edition of the “secrets of a freelance writer.” The book outlines all the steps you need to become a profitable freelance copywriter, including upgrading your skills in the areas of business report writing,  memos, sales copy, emails, ads campaigns, etc., for organizations, businesses, and so forth.

The book also gives you insight on how to sell your brand and improve your income.

In Conclusion

Here we have the seven must-read business writing books for freelance writers. Take your time and read these books carefully and apply the tips you learn to win at business writing. However, we would like to know the books you have read on business writing that helped you upgrade your copy.

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